WBCR seniors

ELIZABETH CREA, Features Editor

WBCR has been a major part of many students’ college experience. These fourth-year radio veterans share information about their current program(s) and some of their favorite memories.

Emma Ammirati & Megan O’Doherty – on air since Fall 2011

Airing Sundays from 7 to 8pm. The Lady Detective Rosalind Albright show has a mystery theme, highlighting skewed versions of the Sherlock Holmes detective stories.

One of our best shows was when students dialed in questions for Albright and Fletcher. The questions ranged from determining sterility to determining when your boyfriend is actually cheating on you. Seeing as Rosalind and Margaret are not exactly from this century, the answers were unexpected.

Louis Bruneau – co-hosting from Fall 2008-Fall 2009; solo/collaborative show host since Fall 2010
Airing at Fridays at 10 PM, Beyond Unknown Pleasures and plays Black/Death Metal/Noise/Power Electronics/Jazz.
Radio is the future! Seriously, how else are you supposed to contact the outside world after nuclear holocaust?

Karin Carlson – on air since Spring 2009

Wednesdays 8 PM, The Log Show plays New music/what’s on my iPod, and Thursdays 10 PM, Mr. Lady Presents with Jeremy Cornelius focuses on riot grrl/feminist issues.

I’ve learned how rewarding and difficult it can be trying to coordinate fifty to sixty students, what its like to be part of something that’s been around for over 100 years. Every struggle WBCR is going through currently has been addressed at least three times and it always worked out.

Elizabeth Crea – on air since Spring 2009

Sundays at 6 PM is Flower Power Hour and starting in March, Mondays at 4PM is The Bubble, Beloit College talk radio.

FPH is my hippie/classic rock/soul/oldies program that has attracted many loyal fans over the past three years. The Bubble is my special project, a talk radio program which will focus on a different campus issue each week.

WBCR has been one of the most positive experiences for me over the past four years. Where else can you have complete control broadcasting your own show into the world? I also like going through the record collection in the back room, there’s a lot of history in that studio.

Janice Geis – on air since Spring 2009
On Sundays at 8pm you can jam out on SCISSOR YOUR FACE hosted by Eric Hetland and myself. We like to keep it real, so we play everything from Prince to Barry Manilow to the Harry Potter theme song.

My favorite memory of WBCR would have to be Spring 2010, when there was a blizzard in the middle of the night… Eric and I braved the cold to get to the studio. By the time we finished, there were mounds among mounds of snow!

Your name Bebe “DJ Bebe Gunn” Santa-Wood – on air since Fall 2008 “Sweetheart of the Radio” program airs Tuesdays at 9pm. I play everything from 1960’s garage to 70’s punk, to McDonald’s commercials, generally weirdo left-of-center stuff. Things to fist-pump and dance to. I like the anonymity of your voice going out there into the unknown, and somewhere someone’s listening. Hopefully a trucker. I like dancing in the studio, except one time I fell off the chair. I blame the wheels.



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