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FDA Blood Drive Laws

Zoe Heinz, Contributor Thursday, September 13th, the CCOC hosted a blood drive through Rock River Valley Blood Center.  After hitting a 15-year low, according to USA Today, in the blood supply in July, it’s great that Beloit students and community members are able to help those in desperate need of blood. But not all Beloiters … Continue reading

Warm in the Winter: Sext Me Maybe

DENA WINTER, Sex Columnist Welcome back, Beloiters! Whether your summer vacation was full of romance and getting laid, or more like that one uncomfortable moment in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” this semester is a clean slate. My hope is that, in my hot, new column, “Warm in the Winter,” you will find entertainment as … Continue reading

Eastwood Talks to Empty Chair: An Overview of the Republican National Convention

SARAH VERMELAND, Contributor The Republican National Convention has finalized their ticket: Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan, WI. Although the ticket nomination was supposed to be the focal point of the RNC, this year’s convention ran a little bit differently. This RNC was more of a social gathering for its attendees, rather … Continue reading

Damn! That’s a Penis: A First-Year Perspective on the Bell Run

ZOE HEINZ, Contributor I had not been on campus for more than twelve hours before I was confronted with a completely naked man. Now, the human body is a wonderful thing, and I am not what anyone would call “feeble minded,” but, damn, that’s a penis. I had heard something about running with the president … Continue reading

Boo, Appetit?

SASHA DEBEVEC-MCKENNEY, Editor-in-Chief Bon Appetit makes good food. They put cool stuff on their pizza, and they consistently deliver with meats, cheeses, spreads and vegetables to put on my sandwiches. I’m currently in my final semester at Beloit College, and I’ve lived through some pretty awful Commons dinners and eaten my share of greasy, paper … Continue reading

Real talk, real food

MARLEE BREUNIG, Contributor It’s a typical Sunday morning brunch, and you’re happily (or not so happily) munching on a plate of bacon, a bagel, maybe a pile pancakes or a glass of orange juice. Have you ever wondered about the mysteries behind your plateful of munchies? A group of eight Beloit college students wondered if … Continue reading

“The Sugar Wife” and the last straw

JOEY LONG, Contributor Did you see “The Sugar Wife” this past week? Of course you didn’t. And really, why would you? What was it about the frowning, dull-looking woman on a sepia poster that attracted you? What about the three-hour long, overly didactic plot about Quakers (in turn of the century rural Ireland) did the … Continue reading

Slow jam undermines student loan crisis

EMILY VERBURG, Staff Writer A few days ago President Obama, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performed a sultry slow jam on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” as part of a campaign year stump for young voters. The video went viral instantly, much like when Obama crooned a couple lines of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” … Continue reading

Fighting Doug: longshot environmentalist candidate deserves students’ support

GRAHAM KRUEGER, Contributor As a progressive student and activist, I have decided to support Secretary of State Doug La Follette for the Democratic primary for governor to be held May 8. La Follette will provide Wisconsin needed leadership to return to our progressive roots, safeguard our environment, expand support for women’s health and work with … Continue reading

POLZ WITH LOLZ: Republican-Lite

BEBE SANTA-WOOD, Political Columnist    At one point, I know that American conservatism was based in real ideology, right? So, at what moment did conservatives become cartoon versions of themselves, like some blown up character from Ayn Rand’s wet dreams? I could point to certain historical factors *COUGHREAGANCOUGH*—but that still leaves us where we are … Continue reading