Java Joint Etiquette


   Ever wondered what a day behind the counter at Java Joint feels like? Well, you probably haven’t considered the recurring poor etiquette often directed at the baristas. Many students often take for granted the art, the delicacy and the amount of time prepping the proper coffee drink takes for their Java Joint barista. To better the consumer/producer relationship a bit, I would like to offer a few tips to keep in mind the next time you place an order: 

· After approaching the counter early in the morning and mumbling an order to the barista, don’t get flustered and/or offended when they ask for clarification, just politely restate the order.

· If you order a drink and see the person who took your order pick up a cup or post-it note and write the specifics down for the barista at the espresso machine, don’t then stand at the counter and stare at the barista like a hungry wolf.

· Especially (!) don’t ask the barista making your drink if your cup is one of the ten in line to be made. If you saw someone put it up there, it will get made, just be patient. It will come to you. Get zen about it.

· There are a few specific items you can only get one per person: one Vitamin Water and two Tropicana juices. Not one per swipe, one per person. Take note.

· Try to help us out by calculating what you have for your swipe. It helps when we have a line that wraps around the column, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

· Lastly, be polite to Tina at all times. This is most important.



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