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Another Year, Another Dollar Per Pack of Cigarettes

SAM BECKER, Opinion Editor Beloit smokers worth their weight in nicotine know that Beloit College is in close proximity to discount smoke shops just over the border in Illinois. While Wisconsin’s cigarette tax has hovered around $2.52 recently, the Illinois tax has been at a low 98 cents. Combined with competitive discounts given at shops … Continue reading

Romney and Obama Accept Parties’ Nomination for President

SASHA DEBEVEC-MCKENNEY, Editor-in-Chief After months of campaigning, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney addressed the Democratic and Republic conventions, respectively, and accepted their parties’ nominations for president. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney confirmed the Republican ticket on Thursday, August 30, and President Obama’s nomination became official Thursday, September 6. Romney’s speech centered on founding American … Continue reading


ALONDRA OLVERA, Contributor Hey everyone, Welcome/Welcome back! I hope you are all settling in well and that your semester hasn’t started off with too many hiccups. My name is Alondra Olvera and I am the 2012 Beloit Student Congress President. I am working with The Round Table this year to try and get more input … Continue reading

McBride Rouses Even the Most Stubborn of Skeptics

CAROLINE PAXTON, Contributor In the characteristic fashion of Beloit College, the 2012 Keefer and Keefer lecturer strutted down the steps of Richardson Auditorium on Wednesday Sept. 5, at 8 p.m. “Life is a tale told by idiots,” Dr. Tom McBride, Keefer professor of humanities, began quoting Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in his intellectual discussion, “Did Shakespeare Really … Continue reading

Lice in the OEC House? They Were Greatly Exaggerated

JENNIFER JOHNSON, Arts & Entertainment Editor Earlier this week, an outbreak of lice at the OEC’s house sent the campus rumor mill churning into overdrive. However, there is little cause for alarm among the student body, with all reported cases being treated promptly. “We are a very close house,” said Timothy Makarewicz’15 of the spread … Continue reading

An Alumni Response to The 2016 Mindset List

DR. VALERIE P. RENDEL‘95, Contributor Every year, when the Beloit College “Mindset List” is released, I get it sent to me at least a dozen times. Lots of folks assume that, as an English professor and a Beloit alum (class of ’95), I must have a special appreciation for it. In a way, I do; … Continue reading

8 Mile: Beloit

CAROLYN STRANSKY, News Editor A clothing sponsorship and a starring role in a commercial is the type of exposure that most hopeful artists only dream about. But for rapper TROY Nathans (Nate Brault’15), this and much more have become his reality after winning a music competition hosted by Indstruktibl Clothing LLC. Brault heard about the … Continue reading

Coffee with President Bierman Focuses on Food Service

SASHA DEBEVEC-MCKENNEY, Editor-in-Chief During common hour on Wednesday, Sept. 2, President Scott Bierman held his first informal office hours of the year: Coffee with the President. At a linen-covered table in Java Joint, Bierman talked to approximately a dozen students. This week, the conversation centered on the new food service and how meal plans were … Continue reading

Internet Out(r)age

ARI JACOBS, Staff Writer Internet aficionados can blame the eight-hour Internet outage last Sunday, April 22 on broken Charter machinery. Students immediately expressed outrage to the outage through social media websites such as Twitter. Students used their smart phones to tweet statuses such as “WhySR?!” and “I hate ISR.” Others explicitly vocalized their frustration. “Internet is out across … Continue reading

BSC Report: Year goes by with a BLink

CAROLYN STRANSKY, Staff Writer Beloit Student Congress assembled for one of the last meetings of the school year last Monday, April 23 to discuss some unfinished business. Bryant Conkling’12 opened with a student forum on the purpose of and potential changes to the Academic Senate. The Academic Senate is a forum to discuss the direction of the college, … Continue reading