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More Information!

It is easier to get involved with The Round Table than you could possibly imagine. Would-be writers, photographers, cartoonists, and news enthusiasts are most cordially invited to the weekly contributors’ meeting each Monday night at 9:00 p.m. in the Maurer Link. All submissions are due on Thursdays at noon and are to be sent to bcroundtable (at) gmail (dot) com.

Site for contributors (writing tips and more):

Round Table editorial staff, Spring 2011. Not pictured: Ximena Mora, Nick Stephens.

Meet the Editors!

India John ’12, Editor or Chief

Not bashful about hailing from Nashville, India John has a unique sense of style all her own – mostly because the majority of the world has common sense and behaves in a manner that demonstrates that, whereas John is blissfully ignorant of such sagacity.  The Round Table has been a large part of John’s Beloit College experience since the first writers meeting her freshman year, 9:30 p.m. on a Monday evening in the clubhouse on the third-floor of Pearsons, and has since only been able to lull herself to sleep every Thursday night with the sound of typing keyboards and 90’s hip-hop. Some things haven’t changed at all. Some things have changed drastically. One of those things is John’s hair, which now, according to her father Dr. John, resembles a badger-hair shaving brush.

Steven Jackson ‘12, Editor and Chief

Steven Jackson is an impish man-child with a love for music, smoked gouda, and the facts. He was raised in a tiny tourist trap on the Oregon coast, where he knew everyone’s name in the winter and fostered an animal hatred and fear of RVs in the summer. Steven first got involved with the Round Table during his freshman year, and since pulled himself up by his boot straps to realize the Beloit dream of RT editorship (prestigious and well-compensated position that it is).

Anna Holmquist ’12, News Editor

Anna Holmquist loves proofreading and other weird newspaper things. This year she plans to do a bell run, attend as many dance parties as humanly possible, and eat a lot of fruit.

Beth Hanson ‘12, News Editor

Beth Hanson hails from a small town in the middle of nowhere and thrives on the written word, caffeine, and most things nerdy.  She has a special fondness for Harry Potter, Scotland, and the proper use of grammar.


Jeremy Cornelius ’12, Features Editor

For myself, I tend to mock most things, wear a cookie monster hat, place porcelain rabbits around my room and take the part in the “hot-mess corner,” as India John refers to it, during BSC meetings. In terms of being Features editor, I often linger on editing, act crabby toward Bert Connelly and play a lot of Rye Rye and Spank Rock, but also in my duties, I try to represent individual narratives about people and events around the world and on the Beloit College campus. Oh, and I also love Oscar Wilde, if that or anything I’ve written has anything to do with being Features editor.

Elizabeth Crea ’12, Features Editor

Elizabeth Crea  is a newbie editor but served as a part-time RT contributor in past years. She someday hopes to take over the media world, Citizen Kane-style. Aside from writing/radio DJing/jumping in the streets, she enjoys shopping at thrift stores, watching Instant Netflix, and attempting to learn new languages.

Sasha Debevec-McKenney ’12, Opinions Editor

Sasha Debevec-McKenney has an afro and an inexplicable love for the Presidents of the United States of America. She is a life-long fan of the Minnesota Twins, television, sandwiches, and being judgmental.

Bert Connelly ’13, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Who is Bert Connelly? Better question; who isn’t he? It isn’t that he has his fingers in various pies; he wrote the recipes, baked them and sold them to your kids. What’s he interested in? Good question. What’s interested in him? Better question. Lately, ignorant hip-hop, juvenile pranks and solid time-management skills have been all about him. Follow him on Twitter @how_Bert_it_is.

Mark Coogan ‘12, Sports Editor

Hey sports fans! My name is Mark Coogan and I like sports. I play sports at Beloit College and I also write about them sometimes too.





Ximena Mora ’12, Photo Editor

Ximena Mora, is a child at heart, but opts to be a nihilist instead. As a second language learner she thanks god she doesn’t have to edit anything but photos for the BCRT. She likes cats, napping, and TV online.

Hannah Warren ’13, Photo Editor

Hannah Warren comes from Massachusetts and enjoyed being a Health & Society major until chemistry and statistics got involved. She likes brightly colored stuff, poor decision-making, breakfast for dinner and convincing people she’s fluent in German. Dupery Rules Everything Around Me, D.R.E.A.M.

Erik Magnuson ‘12, Graphics Editor

Erik prefers dogs to children and drawing to words. Hates people loves rats.






Lizzi Belmont, Design Editor

Lizzi Belmont likes to design things. She likes lines, boxes shaded to 15 percent opacity, and the spinning chairs found in the Round Table office. She hates mulleting, tombstoning and instances of vertical asymmetry. Her favorite thing about her Round Duties is making fun of Bert. The end.




Megan O’Doherty, Design Editor

Spurred by sarcasm and caffeine, Megan O’Doherty ’12 makes up one half of BCRT’s Design Team. An International Relations major with a fixation (and minor) in Latin American studies, she enjoys reading about polygamy, serial killers, mysterious islands and Bolivian president Evo Morales. On a less related note, some say she has metal in her ankle and metal in her heart… there’s really no reason this should matter.



Kathleen Hansen ’13, Web Editor

Kathleen is studying in Chicago for a semester. She enjoys browsing Craigslist, M&Ms, and napping.



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  1. hi, my name is max and i am a guitarist/singer/songwriter from cleveland, ohio. i’m playing at java joint on BC campus on saturday, march 26th. i’ve been trying to figure out a way to promote this show considering i know absolutely nobody in beloit (okay, maybe my sister’s one friend but we’ve exchanged about three words in our entire lives) so i’m wondering if you guys knew of any publications (print or digital) with music features at the college or any way to get the word out about this show. any help would be awesome! email me at if you have any insight. thanks!

    – max

    Posted by Maxwell Stern | February 23, 2011, 4:44 am
  2. I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL! You can contact me by sending mail to info@ http:/

    Posted by Kirk Oshields | April 26, 2011, 10:40 am

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