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Portrait of a Student as a First-Year

Hannah Wickham and Cass King, Contributors There’s something liberating about the first time you hear your professor curse in front of the whole f*cking class. It screams, “Welcome to a better place, far from high school where silly social precautions can be abandoned in pursuit of higher truths. Welcome, ye starry-eyed youths, to the world … Continue reading

Bam Sass Returns with Bam: New Name, Menu Items

Hannah Warren, Photo Editor Bam Sass is back, baby! For those of you who remember Bam Sass Daddy, this new rendering looks forward to your continued support and patronage. Although some former partners have graduated and moved on, the business continues to carry the torch as Bam Sass Baby! For all you new students, here’s … Continue reading

Sh*t First-Years Should Know

DAN BIRKHOLZ, Contributor Contrary to their general air of importance, most upperclassmen have no objection to socializing with first-years—especially if you bring a peace offering to the conversation. I suggest High Life or used clothing. Don’t be shy. We like making new friends, too. —Call your mother. The amount of time spent talking to your … Continue reading

Turtle Tales: The Liberals Arts in (Football) Practice

BRIAN SHOBE, Turtle Tales Columnist  For the past thirteen years, Oscar Cardona’s’82 job as the Vice President of Human Resources was to create and manage talent for the number one sportswear company in the world: Nike, Inc. Long before he was recruiting and training the world’s most talented business executives, however, he was recruited and … Continue reading

Nikki’s New Location

ELIZABETH CREA, Features Editor Nikki’s Cafe recently moved from its three year home at 604 Pleasant Street to its new downtown location at 431 E. Grand. While the move was quite sudden, many of its patrons (including Beloit students) have commented that its new locale is more central and convenient. Nikki’s will also share their … Continue reading

Books and Alcohol

LIGIA COSTA, Contributor Devouring a Wisconsin sandwich, the English professor, in loose khaki pants and a dark-blue blazer that reveals the bright-purple vertical strap of a sweater between its lapels and the convex prominence of his lower abdomen, stares across the table, frowning with bulging, blue eyes. His loud, deep voice, heedless of the inquisitive … Continue reading

Jenny Tschudy: The Woman Behind the Desk

Jenny Tschudy is the office manager in Communications and Marketing. This week, Terrarium moles Steven Jackson’12 and Beth Hanson’12 sat down with Tschudy to prod her with questions about her personal life. Round Table: Can you tell us about your family? Jenny Tschudy: (Laughs) What do you want to know about my family? RT: Everything. … Continue reading

Turtle Tales: The Scientist’s Soft Skills

BRIAN SHOBE, Turtle Tales Columnist When Jing Zhang‘07 decided to apply to Beloit College in 2002, not only had she never visited campus, she had no idea where Wisconsin was. But thanks to individualized attention from admissions and a World Affairs scholarship, Zhang decided to enroll. The transition from Chengdu, China to Beloit was challenging. … Continue reading

Political Implications of Colony Collapse Disorder

ARI JACOBS, Staff Writer The proliferation and ambiguity of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a phenomenon afflicting honeybees across the world that causes worker bees in hives to suddenly disappear, may reflect inherent flaws in the way scientific research is handled in modern society. Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Sai Suryan visited Beloit College … Continue reading

Girls and Women in Science

SARAH CARLISLE, CAITLIN McDONOUGH AND KATE WOLF, GWIS Coordinators On Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14, the Center for the Sciences will be filled with the next generation of female scientists. This weekend is the 22nd annual Girls and Women in Science (GWIS) conference. The conference invites sixth grade girls from Beloit and the surrounding area to campus for a … Continue reading