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Lice in the OEC House? They Were Greatly Exaggerated

JENNIFER JOHNSON, Arts & Entertainment Editor Earlier this week, an outbreak of lice at the OEC’s house sent the campus rumor mill churning into overdrive. However, there is little cause for alarm among the student body, with all reported cases being treated promptly. “We are a very close house,” said Timothy Makarewicz’15 of the spread … Continue reading

Get Around Green

By Sierra Anseeuw CONTRIBUTOR Growing up in a small Midwestern town, I am intimately familiar with America’s reliance on our cars. We drive everywhere, and it is not always because we want to. This country is seriously lacking in good, functional public transportation. But the fact of the matter is, nothing is going to change … Continue reading

Reuse! Don’t Abuse

By Steven Jackson EDITOR-IN-CHIEF This week, your tree-hugging friends at the OEC would like to suggest a decrease in our paper use. The only paper use information we have for our campus comes from a student activism research project in 2007. At that point, our library used about 945,000 sheets of paper per school year, … Continue reading

Quench for Food Knowledge

By Lizzi Belmont DESIGN EDITOR Slow Food club presents: The Real Food Road Trip. Produced by the members of The Real Food Challenge (a group who’s goal is to spread real food and real food principles to the greater population), the road trip aims to bring real food to campuses around the nation. RFRT representatives … Continue reading