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Diversity: Appearance v. Reality

By Beth Hanson NEWS EDITOR Beloit College emphasizes its diversity in information targeted towards prospective students.  One fact that is often highlighted is that the college boasts students from 49 states and 48 countries.  The college also highlights the stories of ethnically diverse students. Two of the four students featured in the “Beloit College Viewbook”, … Continue reading

Genetic Diversity

By Micho Gravis ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGY Genetic diversity is an important topic in biology. It provides the foundation for the process of evolution by natural selection and promotes the fitness of the population in its environment. There are genetic bases of why certain human populations are more or less susceptible to specific diseases.  For … Continue reading

Students Speak: Mackenzie Kurtz ’13

By Mackenzie Kurtz CONTRIBUTOR My host father told me that the reason there are so many foreigners in Japanese fashion ads is because it makes Japanese people focus on the clothes rather than the person. He pointed to the face of the blue-eyed, blond model in the ad I was showing him and said that … Continue reading

Students Speak: Kidiocus Carroll ’14

By Kidiocus Carroll CONTRIBUTOR I arrived at Beloit College somewhat naïve when it came to issues of race.  Growing up in Milwaukee in a mixed race family, I had a general knowledge about what it means to be black or a minority in a predominantly white world, but it wasn’t pervasive or all-consuming.  Coming to … Continue reading

Students Speak: Stephanie Mayo ’15

By Stephanie Mayo CONTRIBUTOR I used to hate being Mexican. Because I learned about my culture and the political changes my people have made to get me the rights I have today, I fell in love with my background, my people, and myself for the struggles we have faced. My parents are both undocumented, which … Continue reading

African-Americans at Beloit: A Timeline

Statistics on Race at Beloit College

2010-2011 SCHOOL YEAR: 1,308 Enrolled 96 Hispanic/Latino = 7.3 % 50 Multicultural = 3.8 % 40 African American = 3.1 % 21 Asian-Americans = 1.6 % 2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR 1, 302 Enrolled 105 Hispanic/Latino = 8.1 % 53 Multiracial = 4.1% 45 African American = 3.5 % 24 Asian/American = 1.8 %

White Students: Taking Comfort For Granted Since 1846

By Hannah Warren ‘13 PHOTO EDITOR I believe that it is misleading when Beloit College uses words like “multicultural” and “diverse” to describe our institution’s “diversity of thought” and internationalism. While these aspects of our school are positive, I believe they have been kidnapped to mask our institution’s lack of racial diversity. I first started … Continue reading

A First Year’s Initiative: Diversity

By Tamanisha John ‘15 CONTRIBUTOR As a first year student here, I’ve been aware every day of the ethnic make-up of Beloit’s campus just by looking around me. I always knew that I was black, but at Beloit, it takes me 10 minutes, sometimes more, to see ethnic diversity.  My FYI class, Separate but Equal, … Continue reading

Ethnicity at Beloit Introduction Letter

Imagine waking up every day and being surrounded by people who look drastically differently from you. For example, I have big hair. I have brown skin. I’m not thin. I stick out at Beloit College. I am constantly aware of the fact that I am the only minority in my classes, my friend group, and … Continue reading