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If I Only Had a Blog: Folk ‘N’ Blues Edition

BERT CONNELLY, Editor-in-Chief Hi Beloit, it’s been a while. I trust that your summer was good and that you are healthy by conventional standards. Anyways, remember when Jay-Z came out with “The Black Album” and said it would be his last album and said, “Allow me to reintroduce myself,” at some point midway through? I’m … Continue reading

C-Haus Revamped

JENNIFER JOHNSON, Arts & Entertainment Editor On Wednesday September 19, Beloit’s C-Haus will once again open for business. This is thanks to new manager Steve Oliveri, things will be operating a little bit differently this year. The changes start with Oliveri himself—unlike prior C-Haus managers, he is not a Beloit alumnus. “Right off the bat, … Continue reading

William Russell Yates Tackles the Midriff

William Russell Yates is a fictitious advice columnist invented by Malcolm Yates’13 and William Harris’13. He will make weekly appearances for the purpose of assisting readers with their inquiries into the depths of the human condition. Dear William Russell Yates, I am writing because I have not been having very much sex. Needless to say, … Continue reading

TAP it

INDIA JOHN, Editor In Chief Brainchild of alums Lauren Day Willis’10 and Corbin Bartell’10, the Telephone Art Project (TAP) is a sophisticated mutation of the childhood game ‘telephone.’ Rather than picking a word and whispering it around a circle and seeing how distorted it is at the end, the vehicle of TAP is art. A piece of art is … Continue reading

Top Ten

LOUIS BRUNEAU, Contributor   Top Ten Things I Do That Remind Me Of Drake: 1. Asking my female friends, who are strong, independent women, if they find me threatening 2. Dying (Because YOLO) 3. Crying (while on toilet) 4. Guesting on a track with my good friend Lil Wayne 5. Remembering my high school days, when I … Continue reading

Little Mexico

SHERRY BLAKELEY, Contributor   The small but mighty Little Mexico is a welcome addition to Beloit’s lean array of dining options. When we first enter Little Mexico restaurant at 2787 Milwaukee Rd., east of Walmart, my dusk-time eyes blink a bit in the bright lights. No candles here, but overhead fluorescents are the only drawback … Continue reading

Blacked out on Bremner: the Round Table Interview

STEVEN JACKSON, Editor in Chief    David Bremner’12 is a transfer student, a mathematics major, a varsity athlete, and most importantly, a talented producer and rapper. Round Table sat down with him the other day to talk about music, rap rivals, sources of inspiration, and more. Round Table: How long have you been rapping? David Bremner: I started rapping … Continue reading

The scoop on snoop

THE SCOOP ON SNOOP SASHA DEBEVEC-MCKENNEY, Opinions Editor      On the television show, “The Wire,” Felicia “Snoop” Pearson plays a hit(wo)man to Marlo Stanfield, a vicious drug dealer and stone-faced gangster. Yet in real life, her Baltimore accent is subdued and she is very personable. The Round Table talked to Snoop about everything from … Continue reading

The birth of fjordcore: an interview with MC D Feld

STEVEN JACKSON, Co-Editor in Cheif   MC D Feld (birth name David Feldman) is from Morris, Ill., a senior anthropology major and Phi Psi brother, an active member of Interfaith Club, and an aspiring Pagan priest. The Round Table sat down with MC D Feld last week to discuss rap, spirituality, and more.   RT: … Continue reading


SPENCER H. BIBLE, Arts&Entertainment Editor There were thirty odd people gathered in a circle, with a fence separating them from a fallen piece of chain link, a gymnastics mat, and a 120 pound girl choking out a 200 pound man. The crowd was cheering loudly, some over enthusiastically giving pointers, others laughing, most just enjoying … Continue reading