Three Huge Fitness Myths

Athiththan Selvendran, Will Coyne, Matias Grande, Al Ham, Fitness Columnists

Misconception 1: (Girl) “OMG! I will not lift weights. I don’t want to get huge!”
It bugs me so much when a girl tells me that she wants to lose weight and look all toned and sexy, but she’s only willing to do the bike and treadmill. So I am going to try to persuade all of you lovely women out there to please throw some weight training in your routine. First of all, women are not capable of producing enough testosterone to build excessive muscle mass. Second of all, not trying to sound like a d**che, but women do not possess the strength to lift enough weight to gain extreme muscle mass. Lastly, because all you girls are self conscious about what y’all eat, most of y’all don’t eat everything like men do therefore your diets do not contain enough calories to build huge muscle mass. I promise you, lifting weights will not make you look like a bodybuilder. In all honesty, lifting weights will help tone your body, boost your metabolism as well as add definition to your muscles. Trust me, all those girls you see in your “Cosmopolitan” definitely weight train along with their cardio. So, do you want to look like a Cosmo girl? Then, weight train!!

Misconception 2: “Hey let’s jump on a bike and then run on the treadmill because cardio is the only way to lose weight!”
Yup, you all know that one person who thinks the only way to get fit is to do cardio. I hate to break it to y’all, but cardio plays only a small part in trying to get fit. Cardio aids in the burning of calories. When one’s diet is not clean, doing cardio will actually not help you lose weight. For example, if your diet is not clean (i.e. you are ingesting more calories than you are burning) you actually do not burn any weight. For ideal results, you need to combine cardio, weight training and a healthy diet. The best way to combine weight lifting with cardio in order to slim down is to lift less weight for more repetitions, rather than lifting more weight for fewer repetitions.

Misconception 3: “Not eating will make me lose weight.”
Please stop torturing yourself. Okay maybe you will lose a couple pounds because your body isn’t receiving any calories, but remember your body also isn’t receiving any essential nutrients. The fact of the matter is that your metabolism will slow down and in turn will put your body into starvation mode, which basically means your body will start storing a majority of the fat in your diet. Eating healthy food helps improve your body’s metabolism that will aid in naturally burning calories. Also, remember if you don’t eat your body will not have enough energy to make it through an ideal workout. So be prepared to say goodbye to cardio and weight training and hello to being overweight.

Next week we will discuss a routine directed towards those who wish to lose weight effectively. So after next week y’all will have no excuse not to hit that weight room.

2012 is the year to stop being lazy and get fit!



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