Portrait of a Student as a First-Year

Hannah Wickham and Cass King, Contributors

There’s something liberating about the first time you hear your professor curse in front of the whole f*cking class. It screams, “Welcome to a better place, far from high school where silly social precautions can be abandoned in pursuit of higher truths. Welcome, ye starry-eyed youths, to the world beyond.”

Unfortunately, the novelty wears off; for us it happened about the moment we purchased our textbooks with the dregs of our graduation money. Now—well, we like to compare ourselves to Two Broke Girls.

From the first research project of the semester to the Claustrophobia Closet—our affectionate nickname for our script analysis classroom—we’re here with the freshman perspective, be it trying to find places to study or watching a newly acquired friend get sh*tfaced for the first time. The cute one with the glasses is Cassie; I’m Hannah, the shorter of the two of us.

For my tip of the week, all I’ve got to say is location, location, location. Unless you have quiet hours, don’t study in your dorm. Even if you do have quiet hours, hell, you know you’re probably just going to try to take a nap.

So here are some good places I’ve found to study:
—Java Joint
—Poetry Garden
—The little study carols in the back of the library
—The little study rooms in the back of the library, especially if you’re a language student, like me, and want to sound out your new words without receiving awkward glances.

Hope this helps you guys. Now, Cass?

I agree, Hannah. Anyway, since you made a list of adjustments, I decided to make a list of things that you will never get used to at Beloit.
   —Your roommate bursting into your room in the middle of a quiet afternoon, scaring the guts out of you as she yells, “There’s a f*cking bat in our dorm!
—Walking out of your dorm room only to have the aforementioned bat fly right at your face.
—Hurting yourself at your work study (so far I’ve been burned and bruised).
—Getting caught in a thunderstorm at the library and realizing that you have no one to pick you up and drive you home. You’re either stuck there or you walk and get soaked. Either way, you’re up the creek.

That’s just a short list of what you’ll experience here and never get used to. Either that, or this nonsense just happens to me. Still, expect some of it.



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