Gatorade Scientist Returns to Beloit

SEAN LITTLE, Sports Editor

On Sunday, September 2 at 4:00 p.m., Beloit College hosted speaker Kim White’96. In Pearsons Hall, White, a former basketball and softball player for the Buccaneers and now an employee at Gatorade, spent a little over an hour teaching her philosophy on how to prepare for, perform during, and recover from daily workout routines.

White covered everything from what to eat and when to eat it to what not to eat and why. She spent a considerable amount of time dispelling certain myths that float around the fitness world.

According to White, “A lot of people think that insulin is bad.” This notion, as it pertains to working out, is false. Immediately after working out, insulin can go to work shuttling glucose and amino acids into your muscles, allowing them to rebuild. However, these essential nutrients cannot go to work unless insulin is set into motion. So, it is best to eat something that will boost insulin production in the body, like a banana, immediately after working out.

Say “NO” to peanut butter:
Post-workout, peanut butter is not a good source of protein. One of White’s pet peeves is when people eat a peanut butter sandwich and think they are getting a significant source of protein. The truth is, peanut butter is high in fat, and does not contain enough protein to be effective. It is perfectly healthy to eat during the day, but after working out, peanut butter will not help you.

Expensive fecal matter:
Protein is essential in rebuilding your muscles after a workout. However, more protein is not always better. According to White, the effects of 20 grams of protein after a workout are better than the effects of less than 20 grams. However, she also stated that 40 grams of protein post workout has no more effect than 20 grams.

Also, purchasing amino acids instead of protein is almost pointless. Although the amino acids get to your system faster, once they are there, they do the same thing as full proteins.

So, as White put it, buying amino acids or overusing protein just equates to, “producing expensive poop.”

Eat before you play:
A lot of people perpetuate the rumor that eating right before you work out is a bad thing. White said, “It comes down to comfort level.” If your stomach doesn’t work well with food in it, then it would be a good idea to ease into eating before you workout. It is best to eat or drink something with sugar in it to give your body that extra fuel.



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