C-Haus Revamped

JENNIFER JOHNSON, Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Wednesday September 19, Beloit’s C-Haus will once again open for business. This is thanks to new manager Steve Oliveri, things will be operating a little bit differently this year.

The changes start with Oliveri himself—unlike prior C-Haus managers, he is not a Beloit alumnus.

“Right off the bat, I knew I would have a lot of catching up to do,” said Oliveri, a 2011 graduate of North Central College. While a student at North Central, in Naperville, IL. Oliveri managed a music venue that did all its own booking. After seeing a post about the C-Haus job opening on Facebook, he decided to apply. “This seemed like a natural progression of interests,” he added.

Beloiters will be pleased to know that despite Oliveri’s relative inexperience on campus, he is committed to making sure that two of C-Haus’s main attractions—trivia and live music—continue under his watch.

However, he also shows dedication to what promises to be the more challenging aspect of his job: the enforcement of alcohol-related laws and policies.

“The number one thing that we’re shooting for is an awareness that C-Haus is a closed establishment,” Oliveri said. That is, students cannot bring alcohol into the building, or come to C-Haus just to purchase alcohol and then leave the premises with their beverages.

“My mission for the year is to keep [C-Haus] as a Beloit cultural tradition while taking steps to be more responsible,” Oliveri said. He plans to make sure that C-Haus is carefully monitored through a system of ID checking at both the entrance and the bar.

“The role of ID checkers is to make sure you aren’t bringing in a six-pack or leaving with a bottle,” Oliveri said, “you wouldn’t go to Club Impulse and bring in a water bottle full of vodka.”

Oliveri also hopes that C-Haus will become a haven for cross-programming with a variety of different campus organizations. On September 20, Music Club is co-presenting an open-Mic night at there.

“However, I would like to encourage this co-programming relationship with perhaps less anticipated partnerships,” Oliveri said. “Maybe that’s a screening of a food documentary co-sponsored by the Slow Food Club, or a poetry slam co-sponsored by Peace and Justice.”

Ultimately, Oliveri is optimistic about the future of C-Haus as a space for a wide variety of student entertainment. He plans to hold programming committee meetings on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. at C-Haus, and all students interested in using the space as a venue are welcome to attend.

“This is a place where your voice is going to be heard,” Oliveri said.



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