Hey everyone,

Welcome/Welcome back! I hope you are all settling in well and that your semester hasn’t started off with too many hiccups. My name is Alondra Olvera and I am the 2012 Beloit Student Congress President. I am working with The Round Table this year to try and get more input from the student body at large about issues that you see on campus.

BSC has tried to be a way for students to voice their concerns to the administration for a while and we really hope to be the spokesperson of the students. Sadly, we can’t be everywhere all the time, so I am hoping that this can be a way for me to share what I know and get feedback all of you about everything you feel is important. This could include what you think is great about some of the changes we have seen this year (food service, BSC, Academic Senate, etc.) or any complaints you may have.

This week I just wanted to introduce myself and ask how things are going in general and if there is anything you feel I can talk to our administration about or any concerns you might be having. I am also writing a letter to our Board of Trustees in the next two weeks and would love to receive as much outside input on it as possible. Look out for more information here!  Please feel free to contact me at Enjoy your Folk ‘n’ Blues weekend!




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