Boo, Appetit?


Bon Appetit makes good food. They put cool stuff on their pizza, and they consistently deliver with meats, cheeses, spreads and vegetables to put on my sandwiches. I’m currently in my final semester at Beloit College, and I’ve lived through some pretty awful Commons dinners and eaten my share of greasy, paper boats loaded with D.K.’s fries. If I were to complain, even I would hate myself.

There’s nothing we can do about the costs of food at D.K.’s and Java Joint. Even though the Naked Juices are absurdly overpriced, the beautiful garlicy tomatoes make up for that. D.K.’s evens out. Java Joint is different—that wonderful, coffee-fiend vibe has been replaced by students wearing all black and getting so hyped while customizing their sack lunches.

The lack of love for D.K.’s and Java Joint has led to the overuse and over-abuse of the new Commons. The orange shirts for the employees match the color scheme of the entire room, which is totally cool, but the coolness runs out right about there. The man who swipes cards told me that he’d lose his job if I brought in a water bottle. I sincerely hope that Bon Appetit is not the kind of company who would fire a man over 36 ounces of water. If they are, then it’s our responsibility to help them change.

First things first: Bon Appetit needs to learn what it’s like to work for us. They’re just like a Beloit first-year; not quite a Beloiter yet. We can help. Let’s teach Bon Appetit how to be Beloiters. Let’s show them where the nearest bathroom is in WAC. Let’s try not to yell at them when they knock our 40 over at a wall party. Bon Appetit should be intimidated by us—we know what we’re doing and they don’t. It is our job to leave feedback for them, show them how to get on our level. If Bon Appetit can’t learn to compromise with the student body, then maybe they weren’t meant for Beloit.



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