Bam Sass Returns with Bam: New Name, Menu Items

Hannah Warren, Photo Editor

Bam Sass is back, baby! For those of you who remember Bam Sass Daddy, this new rendering looks forward to your continued support and patronage. Although some former partners have graduated and moved on, the business continues to carry the torch as Bam Sass Baby! For all you new students, here’s the deal: Bam Sass Baby crafts and delivers gourmet sandwiches and sides straight to your door. For Beloit students, by Beloit students. Look for Bam Sass Baby on Sunday evenings from 4-9 p.m., beginning Sept. 16!

This year, while Bam Sass Baby has retained your old favorites, they have also revamped their menu and operations. They will have a wider variety of vegetarian options (think wraps, homemade hummus and pasta salad), as well as the addition of some desserts and nostalgic beverages. As usual, there will be a weekly rotating sandwich and fried special (fried pickles, anyone?). Keep an eye open for the finalized menu on their Facebook page next week.

Speaking of social media, that’s the way Bam Sass Baby hopes to keep you updated on their specials and other news. They will be hosting some special contests for you to win discounts and free food. This year, loyal customers (ordering 3+ weeks in a row) will receive appreciation discounts. Bulk orders of 5+ sandwiches will also get a price break.

You may have noticed Bam Sass Baby’s new logo (designed by Zoe Gahan’13), and you’ll have the opportunity to buy t-shirts featuring this design in the future.

This year, the Bam Sass Baby crew is comprised of Nathaniel Fann‘13, Zoe Gahan‘13, Hugo Alvarez‘15 and Matt Siebert‘15 (all returning Bam Sass workers), as well as three new additions to the team. They maintain that their primary goal is and always has been to provide you with the best food and service they possibly can.

The team encourages you to contact them if you have any suggestions or questions regarding their food or service.

Ordering: Sundays 4-9 p.m. (828) 337-3340
alvarezhj@beloit.edu, fannn@beloit.edu, gahanz@beloit.edu



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