8 Mile: Beloit


A clothing sponsorship and a starring role in a commercial is the type of exposure that most hopeful artists only dream about. But for rapper TROY Nathans (Nate Brault’15), this and much more have become his reality after winning a music competition hosted by Indstruktibl Clothing LLC.

Brault heard about the competition after working with the company owner last year at Marling Lumber in Janesville. “I told him I was interested in music and [he said] he was starting a clothing line,” said Brault. “Now they host competitions to attract people to the company and gain sponsors.” C-Piepz, a fellow rapper out of Milwaukee, is also one of Indstruktibl’s main sponsors.

This past summer, Brault dedicated his time to recording in CELEB’s Maple Tree studio. With the help of Ian Nie, studio director, and Daniel Gonzales’14, who mixed the track, Brault’s single, ‘Famous’ was created and submitted to the competition.

In the first round, Brault triumphed over 10 other contestants, winning by nearly 50 votes.

“You could only vote once and I got 350 votes,” Brault said. The competition was then narrowed to five finalists and the vote-once rule was eradicated. Due to his talent, extensive use of social media, and dedicated fans, Brault received 92,694 votes to win the Musician category – defeating the runner-up by over 23,000 votes.

As a result of his victory, Brault walks away with a clothing contract with Indstruktibl, and a starring role in an upcoming commercial. He’s also about to sign with a manager through the company who will work to market and promote him.

“He already has a show for me in Milwaukee next month and we’re planning a show at Northern Illinois University,” said Brault.

The most rewarding prize in Brault’s eyes is the studio time he will receive in Chicago. “I get one song and as much time as I need with it,” said Brault.

“It’s going to be a new song… about staying true to myself – not only talking about the past and how I haven’t changed even though people have judged what I want to do, but also about the future and how I want to stay true to myself and the people who helped me get there.”

An average TROY Nathans song takes Brault between 20-30 minutes to write, but this new song has already taken him two hours and counting. “I’m going to spend more time on this one. Ideally, I would love to make a career out of this. All it takes is one opportunity, and this could be that opportunity,” said Brault.

The first two lines of TROY Nathans’ winning single states, “I just gotta be famous, I need everyone to know who my name is.” Now because of the Indstruktibl Talent Competition, he is one step closer.



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