Uncle Francis Buc VII

MARK COOGAN, Sports Editor

What’s your full name?

David Francis Bremner VII, and yes I actually am the seventh.

What are your majors and minors at Beloit?

I am a mathematics major and I minor in Busch Light.

What sports do you play?

Basketball and I dabble in Frisbee.

What was your proudest moment as a Beloit College athlete?

This past season I scored my 1,000th point as a Beloit College basketball player, which was pretty awesome. I transferred here after one year at Lawrence University, so I only got to play three seasons at Beloit. Lawrence sucks harder than zero gravity.

What’s your favorite R. Kelly song?

I’m not gonna say “Ignition (Remix)” because that’s what everyone says in this thing. So it’s gotta be “Birthday Sex (Remix).” Listen to it. It’s sexy.

What’s the most recent movie you saw?

The last movie I saw in theaters was “21 Jump Street.”  It was a lot of fun. It wasn’t that great, but I laughed pretty hard.

Which professor at Beloit College has influenced you the most and why?

Ian Nie. He gave me a lot of opportunities to make music and I really appreciate him for it.

What do you think of TRON?

I love TRON and I envy their sense of community and friendship. PSYCH! F*CK TRON!

What’s your favorite place to hang out on campus?

I love the fourth floor of the Science Center at that little table by Kevin Braun’s office because no one goes up there and it’s super relaxing.

If you were to have your ashes spread somewhere on campus after you died, where would you want them spread?

Great question. I actually think about this all the time. I would either have them spread on Karris Field so I could just frizz all the time or in the Hendricks Center so I could listen to music all the time.

Do you have any advice for new Beloit students?

This place is f*ckin’ weird, give it a chance. I love it here.



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