Fighting Doug: longshot environmentalist candidate deserves students’ support

As a progressive student and activist, I have decided to support Secretary of State Doug La Follette for the Democratic primary for governor to be held May 8. La Follette will provide Wisconsin needed leadership to return to our progressive roots, safeguard our environment, expand support for women’s health and work with Wisconsin’s colleges to develop new state goals.
La Follette is easily the most experienced candidate for the nomination: he has served as Wisconsin’s Secretary of State since 1982, publicizing laws, issuing certifications, and administering elections. While the office lacks extensive political power, its statewide administrative duties thoroughly test one’s competence. Having done this for a full thirty years, La Follette is unquestionably prepared to lead Wisconsin as our next governor.
I believe that La Follette’s will to lead is the best of any candidate running. On day one of La Follette’s administration, he will convene a task force to determine how much of Walker’s union busting, dirty-energy, anti-women policy he can undo by executive order. This bold leadership will ensure decisive action on the issues facing Wisconsin. Under a La Follette administration, workers will not pay more so that millionaires pay less. The destruction of collective bargaining rights for public workers is an attack on all workers, and it won’t stand on La Follette’s watch. La Follette understands that we cannot wait for 2013 or 2015 for policy change, and that is why he is running for governor.
La Follette’s platform is what Wisconsin needs. A longtime supporter and aide of Gaylord Nelson (former senator and Earth Day founder), La Follette knows that sustainability is critical for economic health. As a legislator, La Follette introduced legislation for constructing wind farms to generate clean energy. (As Beloiters know, Wisconsin has plenty of wind). To protect our energy independence and environment, La Follette will expedite approval of new wind farms now barred from Wisconsin, restore permits to eleven wind turbine plants paralyzed by Walker’s restriction of wind power, and undo the anti-wind bill that cost us 1.8 billion in investment. As the federal government reduces clean energy investment, bold state-level action will be essential to address ecological crises. La Follette will protect wetlands, ensure resources are used responsibly, and invest in clean energy.
La Follette is uniquely prepared to undo the damage done to women’s health by Walker’s administration. Funding Badgercare, Wisconsin’s health-care reimbursement program for those unable to afford private insurance costs has always been among La Follette’s top priorities. La Follette also passed Wisconsin’s original family planning funding bill as a legislator.
La Follette has the courage and conviction to speak up for environmental and women’s issues at a time when mainstream politicians everywhere push them to the side. He will commit to making Wisconsin work again.
To vote for Doug La Follette, you may register at the City Clerk’s office located on the second floor of City Hall, 100 State Street, Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Early voting is available starting on Tuesday April 24.



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