BSC Report: Year goes by with a BLink


Beloit Student Congress assembled for one of the last meetings of the school year last Monday, April 23 to discuss some unfinished business.
Bryant Conkling’12 opened with a student forum on the purpose of and potential changes to the Academic Senate. The Academic Senate is a forum to discuss the direction of the college, ranging from topics of approving new courses, making curriculum changes and approving faculty policies. Senators are currently elected by division, with three student representatives from each division plus one from the IDST department. With the new curriculum doing away with divisions, this system becomes obsolete.
The new election proposal has senators elected on the basis of class year. Each class will vote for three senators to represent their class at the Academic Senate meetings. The BSC president will also attend meetings as a voting member. Along with this, the elections will now be held on BLink.
This new election system was voted on and endorsed by the BSC body.
Following the student forum Director of Residential Life John Winkelmann  spoke briefly about the transition to Bon Appetit, which includes an improved Commons. Some changes include a pizza oven, stations with international, vegetarian/vegan, comfort food, and a self-serve deli with the bread and toasters moving to their own island. This new system also comes with new food plans that have both swipes and ‘flex’ dollars.
DK’s and Java Joint will face some minor changes. In DK’s, the wall behind the drinks will be torn down, which will hopefully provide better traffic flow. The counter in Java Joint will be lowered and more equipment will be mounted on that.
As for the official business, a number of proposals were passed including funding for Russian Club’s all-campus picnic, Ballroom Dance Club/Team’s whiteboard, and the Real Food Challenge’s campus commitment.
Other business included Miranda James’15 being elected as the new communications liaison and some changes to the 2012-13 fiscal policy.
The meeting ended right at 9 p.m. after being extended twice. Any business that was not addressed at the meeting was pushed to a later agenda. The final BSC meeting of the year is tonight (April 30).



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