Blacked out on Bremner: the Round Table Interview

STEVEN JACKSON, Editor in Chief

   David Bremner’12 is a transfer student, a mathematics major, a varsity athlete, and most importantly, a talented producer and rapper. Round Table sat down with him the other day to talk about music, rap rivals, sources of inspiration, and more.

Round Table: How long have you been rapping?

David Bremner: I started rapping about sophomore year in college. But I never started recording or letting people hear it until I came out with my first album, Notes, in the fall of 2010.

RT: What’s your favorite thing about making hip-hop?

DB: I can become someone I’m not. I can put on a persona, and say whatever the f*ck I want.

RT: So what is your persona?

DB: A huge asshole. Hopefully. That’s what I try and put out. Just a “mo money mo b*tches” kind of attitude.

RT: Has that persona spilled over into your daily life?

DB: I’d like to say no, but I believe some of my buddies will say that it has.

RT: Do you have a crew?

DB: F*ck yeah I have a crew. Insulin Junkie (a.k.a Sean Little), Coogie Monster (a.k.a Mark Coogan), Sleazer (a.k.a Matt Hackbart). We tote gats and do gang stuff.  The latter three of us won the Beer Olympics a few weekends ago. Might be our proudest moment. We trashed Brannon Chi in the championship game! There are many more in the crew but these are the guys I’ve done music with.

RT: How do you feel about “Party at the Wall”?

DB: It’s actually one of my joke songs, and I didn’t put that much effort into it. Me and Mark Coogan –or Mark Coogan and I – had a few beers one night, and that’s when the idea came up.

RT: What’s your personal history with music?

DB: I started playing piano when I was five, but I hated going to lessons. I played for two years, then in fourth grade I started on the cello and I played that for nine years. That’s how I made my transition to bass, and that’s my favorite instrument. I slap-a-da-bass every day if I can. Meeting Flea and partying with him is definitely on my bucket list. I started on the beat-making process in high school, when I discovered GarageBand, and I liked how I could play all the instruments myself. Recording really interested me because it played into the more mathematical side of music, which I can understand.

RT: Have your parents heard your hip-hop?

DB: Nope, and they never will.

RT: How would they react?

DB: I don’t want to know. I wouldn’t say they support a lot of things I love doing. You should have seen my mom hit the floor when she saw my tattoos. But I mean they’ve come into it. I’m sure they’d be supportive, but I’m not gonna go show my mom “Blacked Out and Skanky.”

RT: Tell me about your newest album.

DB: It’s called Transfer Student. I think it’s better than the first one. My lyrics are better, and I’m a lot more comfortable. I’ve also brought in a lot more musicians from campus. Most of my work is done with Insulin Junkie. That kid is phenomenal. He does most of my singing parts, and he writes some verses as well.

RT: We’ve been playing a lot of “Blacked out and Skanky” at the Round Table office. What’s the story behind that song?

DB: There’s not much to do here, so I drink a lot of beers. I usually drink with Matt Hackbart, and we go drink for drink. And he has to tell me what I did in the morning. And usually I’m doing stupid stuff, being all blacked out and skanky. So I wrote some verses talking about that ridiculous shit. The newest version coming out has a secret artist with a third verse that’s even better than mine.

RT: Have you had any shows on campus?

DB: Just one. Well, not really even. It was just me and Mark playing “Party at the Wall” at the talent show last semester.

RT: What do you have to say any haters out there?

DB: F*ck all y’all haters.  Anyone trying to take over the Betroit hip-hop game ain’t got half the swag I got.  That’s you MC D Feld. I run this town!

RT: Are there any consistent themes or topics in your music?

DB: I write a lot about Beloit, because I try to think about how the audience will connect to the music, and I really enjoy writing about it. I also write about my family and where I’m from. Because let’s be real, I’ve never had any struggles, or trials and tribulations in my life.

RT: What’s blowing up your iPod right now?

DB: “Somebody that I Used to Know,” that’s huge. I’ve been on my Timeflies Tuesday tip a little bit too. And then Puscifer, Conditions of My Parole. I love that album.

RT: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve rapped about?

DB: Probably my verse in “4-20, 24-7”

RT: What artists inspire you?

DB: The whole Rhymesayers label, the whole QN5 label. Sabzi from Blue Scholars – I love his instrumentals. He’s probably the closest to what I come to, as far as sound goes, even though I can’t even measure up to him.

RT: Are there any rappers you’d like to smack, or smoke in a rap battle?

DB: I think Lloyd Banks is so bad – he’s just terrible. And Ja Rule. So bad.

RT: You produce a lot of music here. Would you say Beloit is “inspiring”? Or would you choose another adjective to describe this place?

DB: Beloit is inspiring and super weird. The bubble is full of opportunities; you just have to know where to look.  I am in huge debt to Jerry Gustafson and Ian Nie. Those guys are the men behind the curtain.

RT: What is your favorite song that you’ve written, and why?

DB: My favorite song that I’ve written so far would have to be “Show my Soul” off of Transfer Student.  I sampled the beat from “Brothers on a Hotel Bed” by Death Cab for Cutie.  It’s actually a very sad beat.  I couldn’t think of anything to write for years, then one day Nate Brault came in and wrote this dirty verse and chorus.  Insulin Junkie ended up singing the chorus – made it pop out the speakers.  I had to jump on the track, so I wrote the final verse.  The song is really about growing and learning about yourself.

RT: Marry, F*ck, Kill: Kanye, Jay-Z, Drake.

DB: I would marry Drake. He could be my sugar daddy any day of the week.  I would fuck Jay-Z because maybe I could negotiate a threesome with Beyonce. I would Kill Kanye; what he did to my girl Taylor is unforgivable.

David’s latest album, Transfer Student, is now up on Soundcloud! All tracks are available to stream or download at http://soundcloud.com/dav-i-d.



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