Beloit Construction Update


A survey was attached to this year’s housing contract with talk of future housing options available in downtown apartments in the coming years. While project planning is still very much in its infant stage, Director of Communications and Marketing Jason Hughes sat down with the Round Table to discuss how the idea for the project came about.
“This opportunity was brought to the college by a local development company that intends to develop the building whether or not the college is interested in this idea. It’s an intriguing option and therefore, will be something that’s considered and investigated on campus in the year ahead.”
The survey raised a few questions and concerns about the specificities of the program. However, Hughes says he has no information on the survey itself.
“The college hasn’t really begun to investigate this opportunity and as a result, doesn’t have this sort of information yet. That will come in the fall. We’ll need to answer those questions, determine if this fills a campus need and measure student interest in the year ahead.”
Furthertalks about possible downtown apartments will take place in the coming year.
Another campus change is planned for the summer. Renovations to Middle College will focus mainly on the outside of the building. The patio will be redesigned. Walking paths are to be widened, and two accessibility ramps will be added to either side of the portico on the patio.  Unlike the World Affairs Center funds, which will be provided through grants by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, funding for the Middle College project comes from “generous gifts to the college that were intended for projects like this one,” says Hughes. “Early estimates suggest this work will cost around $180,000 due to the age of the building, the site requirements and the scope of the work.”
The motivation behind this project is primarily to make the building accessible by ramp, Hughes adds, as well as a part of the college’s push to renew the historic core of campus’ buildings.
Renovations to Middle College are set to begin shortly after classes end, and be completed over the summer.



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