Anderson-Levy, Jungck take the prize


Two notable professors, two prestigious awards, and two tables of free wine and finger foods set the stage for Beloit’s annual Underkofler/Kang award ceremony and recognition party.
Faculty, staff, students, and community members alike gathered in the Wright Museum Courtyard on Friday April 27 to celebrate the accomplishments of  Assistant Professor of Anthropology Lisa-Anderson Levy and Professor of Biology and Mead family Professor of Sciences John Jungck as they accepted their awards.
Dean of College Ann Davies opened the ceremony, describing Beloit as “the energizer bunny of liberal arts colleges” and the faculty/staff playing a large role in that process. She also noted that there were nearly 60 different professors nominated for these awards by their students–emphasizing that this shows the last impact that professors can leave on students at this type of institution.
Anderson-Levy was the first to be recognized as the recipient of the 2011-2012 James R. Underkofler Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award based on student nominations and the recommendation of the Faculty Status and Performance Committee.
There was a standing ovation as Anderson-Levy took the stage, and a group of anthropology majors hollered from the back of the courtyard. Her acceptance speech was short. She started by thanking everyone who helped her achieve this award, and then saying how it as ironic she won because her students always refer to her as “harsh” or “too hard.”
Jungck was the next to be recognized for the Phee Boon Kang’73 prize for Innovation in Teaching with Technology. Jungck received this annual award for his innovative teaching and creative leveraging of technology to improve his students’ learning.
While introducing Jungck, Davies mentioned that fellow professors report that Jungck brought the first computer to the biology department. Jungck took the stage as another standing ovation was given; this time started by fellow science professors huddled in the crowd. Jungck did not make a speech. Instead, he flashed a warm smile and a nod out to the audience.
Davies closed the ceremony with a final round of applause for both Anderson-Levy and Jungck, other accomplishments made by the faculty/staff at the college, and to those who made the event possible.
Though the formal ceremony was ended promptly half an hour after its started, many stuck around the courtyard for food, drinks, congratulations and assorted mingling.



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