The Nibbler gets it up

Dear Nibbler,
I was having sex with my boyfriend and his penis did not stay up the whole time. This happened when we took each other’s virginity and once after that. What can I do to help him achieve orgasm and last the whole session?
Thank you,
Flaccid Fighter

Dear Flaccid Fighter,
First, your name sounds like a new superhero or should be the name of a hardcore metal band. And now to your question…
Anyways, I do not think people need to orgasm to have good sex or to enjoy sex. Instead of asking, “Did you come?” I ask my partners, and encourage them to ask me, “Did you have fun? Did you have a good time?” This helps the sex be less about that few seconds of heighted pleasure and more about the act and the people in the act. Sometimes I do want to orgasm and if my partner cannot fulfill my desire during intercourse, we use other sexual acts to get me off.
Maybe try playing with the flaccid penis and try out ways to f*ck with it. It may seem awkward and weird because it is not shown in porn nor talked about when discussing sex. Flaccid penises can be just as fun as erect penises.
To address the reference to losing your virginity, once again, it should not be all about the orgasm. Make sure the person had a good time and you can always try it out again later.
Also, orgasm in reference to men does not always have to include ejaculating. It can just be the intense feeling behind it. And sometimes when a man ejaculates, he does not get the orgasm feeling. Just sperm for thought.
Just have fun and be safe!
The Nibbler

If anyone has questions about anything else, or just wants to say hello, email: rtnibbler@gmail.com or drop a note in box #1717



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