Show of the week

ELIZABETH CREA, Features Editor


The Cuba Gooding jr. Hour is WBCR’s longest and most nominated show,

starting in 1862 and never missing a week. It features internationally beloved characters like Lou, Rochester, Mahseed the Intern, Banana

Fosters, Sergeant Joe Friday, Baba Booey, Noam Chomsky and Jus Hoa.

Four years ago the pioneering show sent its hosts into space by the

late Cuba Gooding Jr., their only contact with the outside world is

their celebrity guests, occasional schizophrenic or dangerous callers,

and the hour between 11pm and Midnight on Thursday nights when they

contact WBCR to broadcast the show they are forced to

do, as they carress the porthole’s cold glass looking out on a

world they used to be a part of. Thursdays 11pm – Midnight, A Broadway

Video Production.



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