Class(y) speakers

INDIA JOHN, Editor-in-Chief and 

Senior Class Officer 


Graduation is a time to celebrate the successes of the senior class as a whole, as well as each and every one as an individual. This year, the Senior Class Officers have decided to reflect those group and individual successes and achievements by selecting three senior class speakers; Ian Hedges ‘12 and Mashail Malik ‘12 will perform a joint speech at Commencement, and Tim Lawrence ‘12 will perform his speech at Baccalaureate.

Student speakers were chosen based on speeches submitted to the Senior Class Officers at the beginning of the semester. The class officers chose speeches that they felt were applicable to the class of 2012 as a whole, which led to the decision to have joint Commencement speakers. Though untraditional, the senior class officers are confident and excited about the commencement speech duet.

“Mashail and Ian make a remarkable pair for our students’ Commencement address,” says Senior Class Officer Ari Jacobs ‘12. “Their unique perspectives on Beloit will undoubtedly shape their address into a meaningful story for the class of 2012.”

Hedges and Malik are enthusiastic about giving the commencement speech together. It was an idea that they had originally proposed to the Senior Class Officers, something that they both considered to be “a very Beloit thing to do.”

Lawrence was selected to give his speech at Baccalaureate because of the intimate tone of his speech.

“It raises a healthy sense of nostalgia,” reminisces Jacobs.

Graduation attendees are encouraged by Senior Class Officers to attend both baccalaureate on May 12 and Commencement on May 13 to witness these two remarkable speeches.



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