BSC Report: Stranksy Straight Hustlin’

Drugs were on the mind as the Student Policy committee led tje student forum at the Beloit Student Congress meeting last Monday, April 9.

Chair of Student Policy Committee Tana Goar ’12 spoke about revisions being made to the college’s policy on drug possession and drug use on campus.

Although the current policy that drugs are illegal will remain the same, structural changes were made so the document is more readable and modeling the designs of the alcohol and sexual assault policy.

In addition to the cosmetic changes, the revised drug policy will have stronger language to reflect the reality of what is going to happen to those on campus in possession of unacceptable drugs.

The end goal of this process is to make the document readable enough to post it around campus bathrooms, hallways and bulletin boards. The revised policy is at the senior staff level, but suggestions from students are still encouraged.

There were two main items on the agenda for the business section, starting with passing Ceramics Club’s proposal to purchase a new grip using money from the Capital Fund. The elections were then validated by a quick vote of approval from the representatives.

Voting on the Beloit Student Congress Rejuvenation Project (BSCRP) was tabled to the next meeting. That, along with voting on Ballroom Dance’s proposal to purchase a new whiteboard using money from the Capital Fund, will be voted on at tonight’s meeting (April 16).

You can find more information about the future restructuring of BSC online at



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