2012 Commencement Speaker:The Chosen One

ERIC HETLAND, Staff Writer and Senior Class Officer

This past Monday, the Senior Class Officers emailed the entire Senior Class announcing that Dr. Michael D. Young ‘69, had been selected to address the Class of 2012 at the 162nd Commencement, on Sunday May 13

After much anticipation and searching, the Class Officers ultimately selected Dr. Young for his service to the College, and his proven ability to put the liberal arts in practice both during his time at Beloit and since. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Citation in 2009 at his 40th reunion. During his time at Beloit, he was captain of the football team, made the Dean’s List, served as president of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, headed the Afro-American Union during its presentation of “Black Demands” at a Middle College sit-in and delivered the commencement address at his graduation. During his two-year field term, Young spent a semester at the Beloit Tutoring Center, a campus outreach program in Cleveland, Miss. Upon the completion of his service, he extended his stay in the Deep South to work on voter registration at the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

After his very involved time at Beloit, Young went on to earn a master’s degree from the University of Michigan and a doctorate from the University of Iowa. He currently serves as vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of California Santa Barbara, overseeing more than 20 non-academic departments on campus including Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Health, Counseling, Career Services, the MultiCultural Center and the Children’s Centers.



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