VIRAL VIDEO REVIEW — The only Resurrection that matters



1. “Vagina Song” — NuckingFuts0001

The Vagina Song is an underappreciated classic with only 2 million views. The song is influenced by old western standards and has been invigorated with silly lyrics. Furthermore the vocalist not only boasts above mediocre pipes but also demonstrates a refreshing appreciation for the female sex. This ode to genitalia is a “hallelujah” to vaginas everywhere. Be sure to check out the “NuckingFuts0001” version as it is accompanied by a low budget animation.

2. “Halloween Cute Banana Cat” — sweetfurx4

Also referred to as “Cats dressed as human food eating human food,” this is one of sweetfurx4’s many pet videos (which you can investigate fully on her blog “sweetfurr.blogspot.com.”) Sweetfurx4 has six pets that luckily embrace the camera and this video features Cooper, a young kitteh with a love of bananas. Viewers that enjoy this might also enjoy “Halloween Vitamin C Kitty” or “Pancake Cat Eats Pancakes on 1st.” Viewers who do not enjoy this will probably enjoy the next video selection.

3. “I’m a stupid Cat!” — bishopvids

This video can unite youtube viewers from all walks of life; those that watch cat videos and those that hate those that watch cat videos. Half of you will watch this because the cat is cute, and half of you will watch this because the cat is stupid. Everyone wins.

4. “The Stack Boys – Socks and Slides” — IanStacks

“Socks and Slides” is actually the sequel to the Stack Boys’ infamous hit “Snapbacks” which was released in March of 2012. Many viewers have criticized the group for being “unoriginal,” rooted in “fashion,” and “too young.” But I would argue that the group has found a musical niche in fashion world. And haven’t other great rap artists followed similar paths? “White Tee” by Dem Franchise Boyz, “Change Clothes” by Jay-Z, “Air-Force Ones” by Nelly, and “My Adidas” by Run-DMC have all made similar tracks and they are doing just fine. As far as criticizing the Stack Boys for their youthful vibez… yeah, they suck.

5. “Bloodiest Dinosaur Battle Ever!” — Lifeform06

Lifeform06 has been a Round Table favorite circa 2011. Lifeform06 has the uncanny ability to pair hair-rising musical numbers with simulated, prehistoric bloodshed.  His various video comments lead me to believe that this compiler is either a youngster or an oldster that speaks English as a second language—either way, bravo. I particularly appreciate this video because it features an herbivore as its victor. For those that enjoyed the gorier things in life, please see “Epic Killer Dinosaurs.”



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