Street Sharks, Mr. Alec Baldwin, TOPS

SPENCER H. BIBLE, Arts&Entertainment Editor


On Monday April 9 the Montreal pop quartet TOPS is playing a show in the living room of Music House, supported by Mr. Alec Baldwin and Street Sharks (F*ck L.A.). The show begins at 8 p.m. with Street Sharks, and closes with TOPS.

TOPS’ appeal resides in their classic melodies and song structures. Finding their sound somewhere between Fleetwood Mac’s chord progressions and Big In Japan’s vocal timbre, the group’s catchy songwriting is validated by clever guitar lines and tasteful drumming. TOPS is coming through Beloit on a national tour, and have agreed to play a free show for donations only. A great live act. Don’t miss it.

I don’t know much about Mr. Alec Baldwin, or how they came up with that terrible name, but I can say this with total certainty: someone in the band is going to vomit, and they’re playing some new songs before they’re released on their debut EP “God Bless Our Sad Sad Boyfriends. “

Opening the night with their first public performance is Street Sharks (F*ck L.A.), a trio made up of some super skinny, marginally (extremely) attractive men. Their “dirt-magurt” krunk punk is sure to make you want to kill the next living thing you see. If that sounds good to you… talk to someone. But then mosey on over.

If you don’t have anything better to do on Malt Monday (What’s BelCon?) then make your way over to the Music House and listen to a couple of tunes.



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