BSC Report: Change is Coming


A new food service, a new recreation center and now a new BSC? Possibly.

Internal renovations to Beloit Student Congress (BSC) were the topic of discussion at the meeting last Monday, April 2.

Erik Binter’14, Ben Schecter’11 and Nicole Weber’15, the leaders of the Beloit Student Congress Rejuvenation Project (BSCRP), led this student forum. BSCRP is an ad hoc committee with the mission to restructure BSC, by increasing involvement and accountability, and to redefine BSC, by making the meetings more relevant and proactive.

Within this new system there would be three main assemblies: BSC General Assembly, Residential Life (ResLife) Assembly and Club Oversight Organization (COO) Assembly.

   BSC General Assembly: A flexible student forum to be hosted at least once a month. The goal would be to broaden attendance and make these talks much more open to the student body at large.

ResLife Assembly (presented by Schecter, current ResLife committee chair): Continuing to act as a forum for students to discuss residential life on campus, special interest houses, etc., the ResLife Assembly meetings wouldn’t stray too far from what they are now. One representative from every special interest house and one representative from every Greek house is required to attend this meeting, but it is open to all students from a residential hall floor. It would continue to be a discussion-based group very involved with the housing review process.

COO Assembly (presented by Weber, current COO director): Primarily made up of clubs, the COO Assembly would have a body that is more geared toward club news and needs. This would give clubs more say on what happens with other clubs on campus, and a smaller club forum would allow clubs to share what their activities and progress week to week. Club representatives would no longer have to attend the BSC general body, but they would have the opportunity to be elected into other sections of the new government.

There was one major change that Weber was sure to address: the new club classifications. Now within the COO Assembly, each club will be sorted into one of five classifications: academic clubs, advocacy and service clubs, competitive and team clubs, recreation clubs and student organizations. The classification of a club will depend on the mission statements that they crafted with the budget proposals. This system will allow for specific types of clubs to better relate and exchange ideas with one another.

Discussion and voting for these changes will be taking place at the meeting tonight (April 9).



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