The Nibbler: that time of the month…

Dear Nibbler,

My f*ck buddy seems to contact me every time I am on my period. I don’t know what to say so I go over there and give him pleasure and don’t get any in return. Should I tell him it’s my time of month or should I lie? I want to start getting something in return, but I don’t want to gross him out with all of that.
Period Ponderer

Dear Ponderer,

In my opinion, period sex is nothing to fuss over. It is just blood and it adds extra lube for you all. If you want to receive oral during your period and your partner(s) are not comfortable with the fact that period blood will be in their mouth, you can try out the Diva Cup (also known as the Moon Cup). The Cup collects the blood in a cup-like holder and as long as it is properly placed in the vagina, the suction will keep the cup in place and not let any blood out. Sex toys are another option if he does not want to get any blood on his penis.
Anal sex is another option if you are comfortable with it. If you are new to anal, start out with anal beads and small butt plugs to get used to the idea. They will also help stretch out your ass. Then you can use a strap-on or a penis and have some fun! Make sure to still use a condom with anal. You can use either an exterior (male) or interior (female) condom. Using condoms on toys are great as well since they provide an easy clean-up. Make sure the condom is a non-lubricated condom or has toy-safe lube on it. You cannot use silicone lube with silicone toys; water-based lube tends to be the best overall. If you need more information about lube, let me know!
The Nibbler


Now, how to tell your partner(s) you’re on your period:
1. Just tell them that you are on your period. Let them know if period sex is an option on your end or not and ask if they are comfortable with the idea. If either of you are uncomfortable with period sex, tell them when your period ends and set up a date then.
2. Tell them that your friends will be over in two minutes to go to dinner and see a movie. Arrange another time with your partner to have sex.
3. YOU can set up the time when you want to have sex. Just do some period math and work around it. That way you know for sure your period will not show up and it is on your free time.



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