Meet the Greeks: Danica Slavish and Evan Michaels

Over the next three weeks, RAs Kyle Bohrer ’14 and Eric Hetland ’12, will be bringing you profiles of different Beloit College Greeks as a part of their RA all-campus project. The aim of these profiles (which will also appear on the Terrarium and on the Mail Center TV) is to break down misconceptions of Greek Life and help the wider campus better understand what Greek Life is all about. 

Danica Slavish'12. Photo courtesy of Danica Slavish.

1. Name: Danica Slavish

2. Year: 2012

3. Major: Psychology; minor: Biology

4. Greek Initiation Year: Spring 2009, Kappa Delta

5. Why did you join? I was inspired by the young women who were already in Kappa Delta, and wanted to be a part of all the great activities and causes they were so passionate about.

6. Did you originally think you would join Greek Life? Definitely not.

7. Favorite thing about Greek Life? Being a role model for younger members. KD has greatly developed my leadership and interpersonal skills, and I want to help other members realize that too.

8. Favorite Greek memory? Planning and implementing our chapter’s annual Shamrock Event in 2010. It raised over $1200 for the Merrill Community Center and the national organization Prevent Child Abuse America.

9. Common misconception you had about Greek Life? At first, I thought that joining a sorority would be only about the social aspects, but I have found KD to be so much more– a support network, a leadership development organization, a philanthropy and a sisterhood.

10. What does Greek Life provide to campus? For the members themselves: a chance to develop public speaking skills, leadership abilities, and volunteer opportunities, along with providing social and academic support. For the larger campus and community: philanthropy and great event programming.

11. Final message about Greek Life? You can’t use one experience or one person to describe Greek Life to someone; it means something different to each member. Don’t assume that one Greek you may know is representative of Greek life as a whole. We’ve all had unique experiences within our organizations.

Evan Michaels'12. Photo courtesy of the Writing Center webpage.

1. Name: Evan “Mickey” Michaels

2. Year: 2012

3. Major: Philosophy; Classical Civilization

4. Greek Initiation Semester: Spring 2009, Tau Kappa Epsilon

5. Why did you join? The principles of the organization and the brotherhood.

6. Did you originally think you would join Greek Life? Oh my, no. All I thought of Greek Life was gleaned from movies and limited experience from my friends at larger universities and that isn’t me.

7. Favorite thing about Greek Life? Greek Life here is uniquely Beloit. The community is incredible.

8. Favorite Greek memory?: Pick-up Quidditch, riding tiki torches. ‘Nough said.

9. Common misconception you had about Greek Life? I always thought Greek organizations facilitate cheating or don’t focus on scholarship, and, boy, was I wrong. Have you ever needed motivation to get that assignment done? Try having everyone you live with help keep you on track.

10. What does Greek Life provide to campus? History, service, community, Spring Day, parties, food, support for programming, and much more.

11. Final message about Greek Life? It may sound cliche, but we are open to and welcome the entire Beloit community, so please come on by. I can understand not wishing to participate in or interact with Greek Life–it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, there shouldn’t be any us-and-them mentality on the part of Greek Life or the campus at large. We’re all Beloiters, and we shouldn’t create divides based on stereotypes or lack of understanding. It sucks feeling ostracized.



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