Springtime in Beloit


Beloit weather this week may have reminded students why they suffer through snow-filled winters and negative temperatures for a large proportion of the school year. The phrase, “this year’s winter was a mild one” being a huge understatement, massive amounts of students sprawled out on Pearsons’ front lawn this week. Afternoon temperatures ranged from the mid-70s in the beginning of the week reaching to the impossible 80-degree mark into the weekend.

Puffy coats, clunky snow boots, scarves, hats, gloves and sweaters were traded in for tank tops, sundresses, T-shirts, shorts and flip flops. The mood of the entire student body seemed to shift. Students left for spring break amid six inches of snow, returning to what can only be described as the terribly anticipated, grandiose, triumphantly early entrance of spring.

Exclamations like “I keep forgetting it’s only March,” and “I love this weather!” could be heard over the music provided by Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Roc Ordman, his old college roommate and two Beloit students. The group sat on the front steps of Pearsons, serenading students enjoying lunch on Wednesday, March 14 with laid-back classic tunes like Pete Seeger’s “Wonderful Friends” on the guitar.

The Chapin Quad was filled all day Saturday with students playing Ultimate Frisbee, laying out on the lawn and enjoying Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. From sun-up to sundown (and beyond) the weekend weather allowed students to bask in the sunshine and warm breeze. Commons provided paper dishware for those wishing to eat outside in the heat. Waves of green depicted the scene along College Street, with Tau Kappa Epsilon members enjoying games of football and Frisbee on their lawn. Sigma Chi’s front lawn was filled with students playing cornhole and other games and Theta Pi Gamma’s lawn spilled over with students sitting and taking in the weather. The Wall was another popular hangout venue where students sat and chatted.

Riverside Park down the road from the campus along the Rock River was filled over the weekend with students and community members alike. Families pushed strollers with dogs lagging behind, the fishermen finally dusted off their poles and settled themselves on the piers and students could be seen biking, jogging and walking along the river, taking in the uncharacteristically



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