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Hey Sports Bro,

Now that Jeremy Lin has finally had a bad game, losing to the Miami Heat, what on Earth can ESPN report on for the next three weeks?

-Sean Little‘14

Jeremy Lin coming back down to Earth was certainly bad news for ESPN, but I believe that this only helps them fill airtime. If he had continued to play as well as he started, the story would have been gotten stale pretty quickly. Now that he has faltered a bit, we can look forward to at least a week of speculation about how well he and Carmelo Anthony can actually play together.

And don’t forget that the Indianapolis Colts are about to make a decision on Peyton Manning’s future with the team. ESPN will give us all kinds of speculation leading up to the decision, but it’s not until the decision is made, that the speculating can really begin. Let’s say they keep Manning, ESPN can bring in expert after expert to speculate about whether Manning can coexist with Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, the Colts’ inevitable draft pick. If they let Manning walk, experts can speculate on what team he will play for next.

The thing you have to realize is that ESPN is the best of all the 24-hour news networks at filling airtime. ESPN has shown an incredible ability to create and hype any story they feel will keep people watching their network, even if their programming is filled with speculation, rather than actual reporting.


Hey Sports Bro,

With another Oscar night in the books, I was wondering what you think the best sports movie of all time is. How does “Moneyball”, a 2012 best picture nominee, rank on your list?


   It’s not even in the top five. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s a celebration of an average team that never really accomplished anything. After lots of hard work and tough decisions, I’ve decided my top five looks like this:

5. “The Fighter”

4. “Hoosiers”

3. “Remember the Titans”

2. “Rocky”

1. “Bull Durham”


Hey Sports Bro,

How should I feel about Ryan Braun? He’s supposed to be the good guy and he doesn’t have a huge head like Barry Bonds or a weird skin-thing like Sammy Sosa so…I’m confused. (P.S. How did “Major League” not make the cut for the last question?)

-Sasha Debevec-McKenney

There really isn’t a good answer right now Sasha. If you don’t know what Sasha is referring to, let me give you a quick break down. In December, information came out that Ryan Braun had tested positive for higher than legal testosterone levels and would be facing a 50 game suspension to start the season. Braun immediately started denying the reports and any wrongdoing on his part. He appealed the suspension and on Thursday, Major League Baseball announced that Braun had won the appeal and would not be suspended. During a press conference on Friday, Braun said that the appeal had been successful because the proper “chain of custody” of his urine sample was not followed, leading him to believe that the sample had been tampered with, resulting in a positive test.

The whole situation played out as poorly as it possibly could have. Major League Baseball looks bad because despite their recent crackdown on steroids, there are still obvious flaws in the system. Braun looks bad because while he won’t have to serve a suspension, he certainly doesn’t come out looking completely innocent.

It reminds me of a TV law drama where you know that the suspect committed the murder, but the evidence was illegally obtained and therefore isn’t admissible. The murderer walks free, but his friends, family and employers still know he’s a murderer and his life is ruined. Meanwhile, the justice system looks bad because a murderer is back out on the streets.

So, Sasha, I guess what I’m saying is, think of Ryan Braun as someone who got away with murder on a technicality.

And I love “Major League.” I watch it every year before the baseball season starts. But the movies I listed are better. Trust me.

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