Show of the week: Laughin’ and Clownin’

By Jeremy Cornelius and Bethany Kosmicki


Senior WBCR veterans Jeremy Cornelius and Bethany Kosmicki, better known as JerBear and B-Koz, team up for their weekly one-hour show “Laughin’ and Clownin” on Mondays at 5:00! You’ll hear plenty of new music such as The Dum Dum Girls or Tennis, plus a plethora of oldies and goodies, and plenty of silly anecdotes to start your week off right to keep you smiling through the spring semester. You won’t want to miss this quirky coupling of groovy tunes and whimsical banter! Be there or be, well, you know. You’ll wanna catch this power hour of divine decadence before these two crazy cats graduate! Grab a drink or stir up a cocktail and play a game to the songs or drink to how many times we start giggling uncontrollably: tune in, call in, drop in, whatever you want. LUSH LYFE, SENIOR YEAR! BE THERE. TAKE SHOTS, (Of milk of course… come on, it’s Monday, sheesh). It’s all downhill from here, kids.



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