Peet on lockdown

Peet residents only? Photo by Steven Jackson

STEVEN JACKSON, Editor-in-Chief

  Last Monday, Peet Hall went into an indefinite lockdown. Now, only ID cards of Peet residents will grant access to the building. This extra security measure is in response to ongoing vandalism.

This month, the vandalism incidents came to a head. Chalking has been an ongoing problem, but only recently has spray paint become an issue. There are several large tags on the exterior and interior of the building, the most prominent being a pentagram with “666” emblazoned over it. The graffiti is inside near the main entryway.

“This is the most serious that I’ve seen graffiti in Peet,” said Tom McCarthy, area hall director for the ’64 Hall Complex.

Recently, pornographic flyers depicting two men having sex were posted in the dormitory. The btyb directed people to an adult website.

McCarthy responded to the incidences by scheduling a building meeting on Feb. 8. Approximately 30 out of 61 Peet residents attended. Resident assistants also held floor meetings to talk about the issue.

McCarthy got a couple of promising tips at the meetings, but after following up, no one had come forward to take responsibility.

“Then we realized that maybe it’s not a Peet resident,” said McCarthy. “I’d like to think it’s not a Peet resident.”

Amani Edwards, third floor RA, agrees. “I don’t think somebody from Peet did it,” she said. “We’re a really chill community. We get a bad rap, but it’s not as bad as it used to be. It’s a cool place to hang out.”

After much discussion, the Office of Residential Life decided to restrict ID card access to residents. The extra measure is meant to discourage would-be vandals, and also “place the ownership of the building back on Peet residents,” said McCarthy.

Some are skeptical that this will make a difference. “I don’t think it’ll work,” commented a resident. “The tunnels are still open, so people can get in from any of the ’64 halls.”

ResLife considered blocking off tunnel access as well, but decided against it.

Residents are hoping the tunnels remain open. Two of the washers and dryers in Peet are broken, and many students use the tunnels to access washers and dryers in the other ‘64 Halls.

There is no set end date for the lockdown. “It’s a trial period, to see how things change, if they change,” said McCarthy.

Anyone with information regarding the Peet vandalism is encouraged to step forward. “That would influence how long we kept it locked down,” said McCarthy.



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