Know Your Bucs: Travis Towns Edition

MARK COOGAN & STEVEN JACKSON, Sports Editor & Editor-in-Chief

Round Table: What sports do you play?

Travis Towns’12: I play basketball and track and field. I throw the javelin and I try to throw the discus.

RT: You try to throw discus. How successful are you?

T: Not super successful.

RT: What’s your most embarrassing discus story?

T: Well, in competitions you get three chances to throw the disc and it only counts if you keep it in bounds. There have been multiple times that I have failed to throw any legal discs, which is pretty embarrassing.

RT: What are your majors, or minors at Beloit College?

T: My major is economics and management.

RT: Who has been your favorite professor at Beloit College, and why?

T: Jerry Gustafson. He has been very influential in my entrepreneurship career, and he really motivates me to go out and learn by doing.

RT: You have to pick one R. Kelly to listen to for the rest of your life. What is it?

T: Well that’s a tough one, because I love R. Kelly.  I’m trying to remember that one that I really like. You can’t fail with “Ignition.”

RT: Who more inspired your high pony? Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel?

T: Jessica Biel.

RT: If you could have dinner with any three people real or fictional, who would they be?

T: Sherlock Holmes, for one. I have a lot of questions about crimes. Two: Abe Lincoln. Number three: Carmen San Diego.

RT: What will you eat at this dinner party?

T: Well it’s gotta be vegan, right?

RT: What advice do you have for short people who want to be basketball stars?

T: Well, for one, plyometric exercises help. Number two: stilts, if you can find stilts. Number three: train with Jeremy Lin.

RT: What do you like better, basketball or track? 

T: I can’t answer that. I like them equally.

RT: What do you have more fun doing? Basketball or track?

T: This is going to make someone upset if I answer this.

RT: What are you better at, basketball or track?

T: I’m best when I’m a student athlete.

RT: Favorite meal at Commons?

T: I got off the meal plan last semester so it’s all home cookin’ for me now.

RT: If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

T: I’d eat a whole Palermo’s chicken pizza, or “chicken meatza” as I like to call them.

RT: You get to pick one woman from any time in history to go on a date with. Who do you pick? 

T: Jennifer Aniston, without a doubt. Back when she was 25.

RT: Why?

T: Well she’s very classy, and she would be a great mother to my children. So hopefully that one date goes really well and we end up building a life together because I think she would be great with my children.

RT: What is your lucky number?

T: Do I really have to say my lucky number?

RT:  Travis, what is your lucky number?

T: 13

Travis Towns'12 has a lot of advice for short basketball players and is reluctant to reveal his lucky number.



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