C-Haus Closure

JEN JOHNSON, Contributor

Much to the chagrin of students, C-Haus was closed on Thursday, Feb. 9 and will also have its doors shut on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

However, the closures are not without good reason. After much conjecture, an explanation was offered on the “This Week at the C-Haus” flyer that is posted weekly around campus. It stated: “C-Haus have had two reoccurring problems throughout this and last semester. The first is that students are repeatedly trying to sneak alcohol into the building, which is both illegal and against campus policy. The second is underage students continuing to attempt to be served at the bar area.”

According to C-Haus doorman Will McShane’15, there is an issue of student persistence in these matters.

“A big part of my job is arguing with drunk people who think that they have the right to bring in outside alcohol,” he claimed.

The purpose of his job is to make sure that everyone who enters C-Haus has a right to be there. McShane still frequently asks for student IDs at the entrance to ensure that all patrons are also college students, but he notes that townies have never been a real issue for him.

According to Residential Life, the closure on Feb. 9 was an illustration of what campus life would be like if

C-Haus was forced to close because of legality issues. Re-training will take place this coming Wednesday to better equip staff to deal with the issues at hand.

“It’s more as a warning to discourage students from trying to sneak in outside alcohol,” said McShane of Thursday’s shutdown, “and to discourage [underage students] from attempting to purchase alcohol from the bar.”

Many students acknowledge C-Haus as being a cornerstone of social life on campus at Beloit. Rumors of some sort of permanent closure have naturally begun to circulate, though there is scarcely a grain of truth to them.

“It definitely is a possibility that C-Haus could close if [violations] continue,” McShane acknowledged. “It requires both the efforts of the staff of C-Haus and the patrons to keep something like that from happening.”

However, McShane also clearly emphasized that “C-Haus isn’t about to be demolished.”

It is crucial now that students begin to abide by the rules laid out for them by both the state and the school because, as McShane noted, “It is awesome that we even have C-Haus in the first place.”

Tom Melton'12 peering out of an empty C-Haus.



One thought on “C-Haus Closure

  1. This has been a problem at C-Haus since I was there (’01-’05), and according to the research I did while at Beloit, has basically been a giant problem ever since Wisconsin changed the drinking age from 18 to 21. (The C-Haus was started when the drinking age was still 18.) The sense of entitlement that appears to go hand in hand with Beloit’s drinking policy (which I still think is fantastic, in the level of trust & responsibility it gives to the students) is simply unfortunate. It’s a damn shame that the students STILL can’t figure out that 21 means 21, even (especially) at the C-Haus.

    Despite being an on campus bar, the C-Haus is NOT exempt from state law, and neither are its patrons. I wish the students would recognize that.

    Old Skool C-Haus Story: I was bartending one night, and watched a student pull a fifth of Jim Beam out of their coat pocket. I confiscated it, despite many protests by the student. As I was escorting them out of the building, they continued to shout “I bought it here! From you!” FUN FACT: C-Haus has NEVER served hard liquor, let alone entire bottles of it. #facepalm

    Posted by M'ris Berlin | March 11, 2012, 11:33 am

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