BSC Report: (Don’t) vandalize this!


    Recent vandalism throughout campus served as the focal point of the Beloit Student Congress meeting on Monday Feb. 20. Vandalism on campus includes, but is not limited to: paint or chalk on the walls or buildings themselves, posters being torn down, posters being burned and ripped while still hanging and urinating anywhere other than a toilet.

   The discussion opened with Alondra Olvera’13, BSC president, speaking about the removal process for the recent tagging (by spray paint and chalking) damage puts unnecessary strain on the housekeepers and Physical Plant workers. This removal process also comes at a price to the residents of the halls affected. 

   Many students brought up that having a personal connection to the staff might have students thinking twice before vandalizing or destroying property—this could be done by having the RAs of each floor hosting a meet and greet with the housekeepers. “Writing on the wall was okay when you’re three, but not so much when you’re this age. Not to mention that we’re very fortunate to have housekeepers,” said Olvera. “Putting a face, name and personality to someone who most students don’t even think about… would be beneficial.” 

   Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life John Winkelmann brought up the idea of alcohol as a contributing factor toward the recent vandalism and if that should be taken into account when rethinking the alcohol philosophy. Although many nodded at first, it was mentioned that vandalism has occurred in Pearsons, Commons and WAC, where not many drunken people wander. Another point brought up was that most of the people vandalizing dorms don’t live in that particular dorm. 

   Once the alcohol note simmered down, it was mentioned that clubs should be required to have a “to be removed after …” tag on the bottom of their signs. This would inform others when it is acceptable to take down those signs and posters and replace it with their own. 

   Turning vandalism into a creative purpose was the last point brought up by students. This alternative would be a productive solution as opposed to a threatening one. Ideas including a graffiti wall like the one at Washington University in Missouri were discussed. 

    Olvera closed the student forum with a request, “This is a whole campus issue. We need to talk about it as a campus, as one solidified unit.”  

   After a short break, the business section rounded off the meeting with the Rotaract club being approved for a new banner and talk of the BSC Budget Proposal for the 2012-2013 school year, which is now available online through BLink. 

   BSC’s next meeting is tonight.  



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