Who the BUC is Luke McLeran?

Mark Coogan, Sports Editor


Actually I am currently undecided and one of the cool things about Beloit is that I still have a couple weeks to declare. I took a lot of economics classes during my first three semesters but I’ve taken a few psychology classes these past two semesters and I think I’m a little more interested in that right now. So we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.

What do you like best about playing football at Beloit College?

I really like football in general, but here at Beloit it’s all about the team and I love the people that are involved in football, so I think that being part of such a tight-knit team is my favorite part.

What are some goals you have for the next year of your life?

I would like to perform better academically. I know that might sound a little cliche but I would like to achieve a high level of academic success. In terms of football, there are going to be a couple guys competing for the starting quarterback job for next year’s team, but I can’t put into words how happy it would make me to be the starting quarterback here at Beloit, so that is definitely also a goal.
What is one of your favorite places on campus?

I really like living in Brannon, or “Brandon Chi” as we like to call it. It’s probably the coolest building on campus. A lot of my friends are living there so it’s become a really cool place to hang out and is a great place to live.

If you could go on a date with any person in the world, who would it be?

Wow, that’s a pretty intense question. This is going to make me sound like a meathead, but I’d have to say Megan Fox because all she does is get paid for being attractive. She only gets into movies because she’s really attractive so I guess that’s kind of cool.

You get to invite three people, dead or alive, real or fictional, to a dinner party; who would they be?

I just saw “Zombie Land” and thought that Woody Harrelson was really funny in it, so I guess I’ll go with Woody Harrelson. Mark Coogan gets an invite because he’s my hero. And the third one has to go to the guy who invented Ramen Noodles. I think that would be a really interesting person to talk to because he has allowed me to eat a full meal for just seventeen cents. That’s mind-blowing for me.

[Editor’s note: These responses are accurate and have not been altered in any way.]

Since you brought it up, what is your favorite meal?

I like to keep it simple. If I could eat any food, it would just be Rice-A-Roni and chicken. I could eat a whole box of Rice-A-Roni by myself right now.

What’s your lucky number?

My lucky number is seven, mostly because I was a huge John Elway fan when I was growing up.

Is that your football jersey number?

No, I currently wear number 12, which has a long story behind it. I tried to wear seven here before but it didn’t work out. A switch is a definite possibility, though.

What are some items on your “Buc Yeah” list?

I guess the first and most immediate thing is to officially declare a major. I’d definitely like to graduate, hopefully in four years. I would also like to live off-campus at some point.

Luke McLeran '14 appreciates the finer things in life, Rice-A-Roni and Brannon Hall to name two.



One thought on “Who the BUC is Luke McLeran?

  1. This kid’s a douche!

    Posted by Joe | June 4, 2012, 4:58 am

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