BSC Report: It’s Time to BLink

STEVEN JACKSON, Editor-in-Chief

You could feel the love in the air at last week’s Beloit Student Congress meeting, falling as it did on Valentine’s Eve.

We hit the ground running at 7:05 p.m. with announcements. BSC secretary Harley Liu announced that he is looking for an assistant; the Beloit Independent Theater Experience (BITE) encouraged everyone—especially males—to sign up for student one act productions. One has to wonder, is the thespian gender split uneven, or is BITE a dating service in disguise?

Club Oversight Organization (COO) came forward to speak on the budget process. COO’s initial budget allocations for next year left many clubs with next to nothing. The allocations were rough estimations, said COO Chair Nicole Weber. The intention was for club leaders to meet with COO and talk through budget proposals. “There’s been some frustration, but we’ll get through this,” said Weber.

Residential Life Committee is finishing up special interest housing reviews and considering expanding gender neutral spaces across campus.

The student forum presented information on new voter IDs and the proper use of BeloitLink (BLink), a new web platform for campus organizations. First year IDs are voter-ready, but if sophomores, juniors and seniors wish to vote in Wisconsin, they must pick up a new ID from Student Activities. The IDs are free of charge. Limit one per person.

Student representatives then presented on BLink. It is important that students understand BLink, as the platform is used to share important information such as club finances and events. Student activities will hold workshops to further educate users. If you’re a good BLink user, you just might win free stuff! Student Activities is hosting the BeloitLink Swag Contest. Desperate clubs with free time and a knack for digital décor are encouraged to jazz up their BLink profiles for the chance to win $100.

Break commenced at 7:47 p.m., and the BSC Executive Board generously, lovingly, shared trays of pink DK’s cookies with the BSC body.

No body wrap or power to speak of, so we forged ahead to business.

Rotaract Club, a Rotary-sponsored service organization, presented a Capital Fund proposal for $234.95 to purchase an official club flag. Apparently, the national Rotary kingpins demand (well, strongly encourage) all club chapters to have an official flag. The fancy felt flag will be proudly brandished at club meetings held in the Center for the Sciences. Rotaract Club has 21 members, and is currently working on service projects that address hunger. The Capital Fund proposal will be voted on at tonight’s BSC meeting.

We finished the night with the election of two BSC representatives to an ad-hoc committee. The committee will re-evaluate the format and structure of BSC. Miranda Cole’13 and Josh Carton’12 were elected.



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