Beyond the Bubble

HANA SKOBLOW, Staff Writer

•   On Feb. 13, the New Jersey State Senate passed a bill legalizing gay marriage. On Feb. 16, Gov. Chris Christie vetoed the bill, following through on his promise to “take swift action” if the bill should pass. Christie emphasized that he thinks it is more important that the decision is made by his voters, not the state’s officials, and is proposing a statewide vote. Some supporters of the bill speculate that Christie vetoed the bill to stay on the GOP’s good side, as he will probably run for president in the future. “He won’t veto the bill because he’s anti-gay,” said Steve Goldstein, chairman of Garden State Equality, New Jersey’s largest gay rights group. “He’ll veto the bill because the 2016 South Carolina presidential primary electorate is anti-gay.”

•   In a stroke of entrepreneurial genius, a student from the University of Michigan created a taxi service for students walking home for a Valentine’s Day hookup. On Feb. 15, Kellyann Wargo launched the Walk of Shame Shuttle to pamper her hungover and lovesick peers. For only five dollars, students can call the service and receive a ride back to campus, free of judgment. But that’s not all! Wargo also offers a complimentary high-five, a bottle of water and a coupon for Plan B. Can we get one of these shuttles at Beloit for the morning after St. Patrick’s Day?

•   At the Heart Attack Grill on Feb. 15, one poor sucker of irony actually suffered a heart attack in the restaurant, eating a meal dubbed the “triple bypass burger.” The Las Vegas chain prides itself in being unhealthy, promising free meals to anyone over 350 pounds, advertising such delights as “flatliner fries” and boasting the tagline, “Taste worth dying for.” If you’re interested in satisfying a morbid sense of humor, many tourist pictures and videos of the event have been posted online by witnessing patrons.

•   Wanna join the Mile High Club? Fly Flamingo Air. The Cincinnati-based airline offers couples a $425 one-hour trip in a private jet to get down and dirty. The package includes champagne, chocolates, a cushioned loveseat, a self-designed flight path and guaranteed privacy. The trip is wildly popular, with up to eight flights in one day. Feel like planning for next year’s Valentine’s? It’s only 300-something days away.

•   Rihanna is working on her new track “Birthday Cake (Remix)” and decided to feature another singer on it. Who could it be?! Chris Brown. I sh*t you not. The man who violently hit and bit her in 2009 while she begged for mercy is now collaborating with her professionally. Never mind that he is one of the most famous domestic abusers of our generation and that he caused injuries that the police called “horrific,” because it seems that his career is far from over. Just look at him now.


Sources: CNN, Huffington Post, Nerve, Jalopnik, CBS, WCPO



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