Who the Buc is Darth Winkler?

IAN HEDGES, News Editor

Intended Major/Minor: 

Education and computer science. I want to later get my masters in athletic administration so I can coach college football or be a college athletic director.

What sports do you play? 

Football and track. I throw the discus in track.

How did it feel to come to Beloit and receive so much sudden acclaim for your name, your truck and your hair? 

I don’t know. It was a big change for me. Especially for how big of a school it is from what I’m used to. People can’t believe that I call this place a city. This is not even a big place to most people. I get Star Wars jokes all the time too. I expected a reaction about the mohawk from the football guys and them saying, “Oh hey, you’re the guy with the blonde mohawk.” But I’ve had one for every football season since eighth grade, and I’m kind of superstitious. And people couldn’t believe I did something that permanent to my truck. I got more publicity from it than what I was intending to.

Why did you choose Beloit?

I came up here for junior year. There was something about the campus. It was tight knit. The football coaches had a really big influence on my decision. I got recruited for football. One of the biggest selling points was how comfortable the campus was and how family-oriented the classes were. And how academically prestigious this school is also helped.

What has been your proudest sports moment at Beloit?

Being able to start on the football team as a freshman and being able to contribute as much as I could to the team.

What teams do you root for? 

I’m a Packers fan, University of Michigan fan, and a White Sox fan.

What’s your favorite R.Kelly song and why? 

Oh man, I have no idea. I have no idea. I never got into them.

Are you pledging to a fraternity? 

Sigma Chi, and this isn’t the first fraternity I’m a part of. I’m also a Free Mason and a Shriner.

Are you the only Free Mason/Shriner here on campus?

I haven’t met any yet.

What’s been your favorite Beloit weekend moment? 

I’d probably have to say Homecoming, and how supportive the campus was during the football game.

What’s on your Beloit Buc-Yeah (bucket) list?

To graduate (lolz). I’m a part of BSAAC. The stuff they do is fun to be a part of. They host Kids Day Out, and I’d like to stay with that and keep that going. And seeing with what Jeff Adams has done with the 20/20 plan for Beloit, the Riverfront and cleaning up the Rock River is fun. One of the biggest things I would like to see is for the football team to get a conference championship.

If you could have three dinner guests at a party, who would they be? 

Vince Lambardi, Ray Lewis, and Jack Black.

Do you have plans to study abroad? 

No, I don’t.

But if you could invade a country, which one would it be and why? 

Germany because I’m German and I think it would be a fun place to see and get to know.

Darth Winkler '15 arrived on campus in August and quickly made waves with his truck and his hair style.



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