BSC Report: Fill Up This Space


A continuing discussion of spaces fired up student representatives at the Beloit Student Congress meeting last Monday Feb. 6.
The meeting commenced with an unusually serious announcement from Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life John Winkelmann regarding C-Haus. He said that lately C-Haus has been facing issues with students bringing alcohol into the bar, which is illegal, and the bar serving alcohol to minors. C-Haus was closed last Thursday and will close again this Wednesday for a staff meeting and retraining. Winkelmann noted that if this behavior continues, the city would shut C-Haus down.
Following the announcements, Commission on Space Use Planning (CSUP) members Ari Jacobs’12 and Mark Freker’12 lead a student forum on potential revisions for campus.
Pearsons Hall was first on the list. The task force is developing an initiative to turn the first floor into a dining hall, expand DK’s, and move Java Joint to the second floor and the offices to the basement. This would open up areas for dining and centralize office space.
The discussion then moved on to residence halls, starting with construction of a 45-50 unit apartment building for upperclassmen in downtown Beloit. This would be to promote independent living, but questions about meal plans and the role of RAs still arose.
Due to time, the final discussion was on the potential demolition of the 609 Emerson dormitory. The committee thinks there is a perceived divide between residential and academic halls and want to create a more fluid space. If this follows through, they would move the substance-free freshmen dormitory to another hall.
CSUP is still seeking student input. Please email Jacobs ( or Freker ( if you have an opinion on any of these projects.
A short business section closed the meeting, with the passing of the previously discussed bylaw changes and the emphasis on club members to take the Budget Survey that is up on BSC’s BLink page.



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