Next weekend is the Beloit International Film Festival. BIFF is an annual showing of independent films in downtown Beloit. So much goes into putting on this spectacular event each year. As a hospitality intern, my job primarily consists of advertising for BIFF and ensuring that filmmakers are comfortable here in Beloit. I am responsible for distributing promotional materials and driving filmmakers from the airport to Beloit. Although it’s a very high maintenance job, it gives me the chance to interact with people that are truly one of a kind. The filmmakers come from many different cultures and have fascinating life stories. Being able to form such close connections with filmmakers is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

My BIFF internship gives me the chance to not only get out into the community, but Rockford and Janesville as well. This may not be a big deal to some, but not having a car on campus makes it difficult to get out of “the bubble.”

We’re so lucky to have filmmakers come from every corner of the world to come show off their hard work. Looking for a recommendation? Check out the film 6 million. It is a moving and thought-provoking documentary about child abuse in America. AA

   There will be a multitude of movies being shown at the festival, from one minute shorts, to hockey musicals shot by directors from all over the world. Last semester I worked as a film critic for the festival, watching potential films and helping select the films to be shown this weekend.

“The Lutefisk Wars” is sure to be a hit, as well as the selected short films short films. Be sure to catch either of these if you can!

This semester I am working with two women at BIFF as an ambassador, and volunteer coordinator. I am in charge of finding volunteers for the festival, from ticket takers to technical operators. It’s an incredible experience to be able to meet so many people from the city of Beloit as well as connecting with Beloit students who want to take part in the festival. I’m looking forward to meeting the directors who made the films, and I know that next weekend will be one of the more interesting weekends in Beloit! JP



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