Basement Stage Open

Basement Stage Open

SPENCER H. BIBLE, Contributor


This Sunday, Kalamazoo quartet Forget the Times christened the new stage in the basement of Music House. The group’s combination of improvised stoner-drone and sound-bath noise rock filled the cramped quarters as the crowd bobbed in an unconscious pulse.

Sean Hartman, one of the bands three guitarists, described the idea behind the group as something that’s necessary to his consciousness. “I’m a Christian,” he said casually. “Music is extremely spiritual for me. That’s why it’s so important; no matter what you believe in you can play and have it mean something to you.” Forget the Times’ music echoes Hartman’s philosophy. He’s the only consistent member; the band has gone through a lot of different iterations. “I didn’t want to limit myself to a genre or community,” Hartman said. The music “depends on what we’re feeling, what we need to let out or what we’re listening to.”

Hartman is proactive in the Kalamazoo DIY music scene, which has a surprisingly proud history. “There are three colleges there, so there’s a big young crowd. People have been hosting house shows since the 80’s. And they still come out. Sometimes I’ll be at a show and someone will say they saw Black Flag down the street thirty years ago.” Hartman runs an independent tape label called “Already Dead Tapes,” and helps bands find shows all over the Midwest. He tours three months out of the year, and when not on the road he hosts concerts in his home, the “No Fun House.”

“The goal of our band is to find that place where you’re not playing anymore. You completely lose track of time, and the sound is just flowing through you. That’s why we called the band Forget The Times,” said Hartman.

The Music Club is thrilled to have Forget the Times be the first band to play on the stage, and better yet, there’s only more to come. This Wednesday, Music Club will be hosting an open mic, with Coffee on College selling refreshments upstairs. If anyone is interested in performing, contact smithg2@beloit.edu and get your name added to the list.

Music Club, and Music House, welcomes any and all campus musicians into their home if they’re looking for practice space, somewhere to share their opinions, or a venue to showcase their talents. Come to the meetings every other Wednesday at nine, keep an eye out for more house shows in the future, and make sure not to miss open mic this Wednesdays.



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