VIRAL VIDEO REVIEW: Crazy Ping Pong Ball Mouth Trick Shots

EMILY VERBURG, Contributor

Recently a group of Beloit students released a video highlighting their oral ball handling skills. Three bright and ballsy Sigma Chi’s have been wowing the internet with their agility and endurance, and not just not on the field/court/pitch. In the video, “Craz Ping Pong Ball Mouth Trick Shots” Nelson, Ed and Kyle of the Youtube channel “OuRbALlsinyourmouth” blow ping pong balls from one brother’s mouth to another. Soon the action heats up, as the guys start blowing their balls against walls and down stairs. Without fail, another lithe member of the team is standing in position and ready to catch the load with his gaping mouth. The difficultly of the tricks only escalates, and it seems that the video will climax when Nelson blows his ball from the top floor of the science center. The ball bursts from his mouth and is skillfully caught four stories below by Ed. Watching slick, spit covered balls being thrust across my computer screen I couldn’t help but to become excited at the enthusiasm of the Beloit College students. The athletes’ lust for their sport is carnal, and it’s hard to believe that the men will ever meet a ball they won’t blow.
After an extremely pleasurable three minutes the video finally finishes with an explosion of creativity. In a new scene Athiththan Selvendran, star of recent OuRbALlsinyourmouth productions, approaches the camera with a penetrating stare. After introducing Nelson, Ed (Florida) and Kyle (Athi’s roommate) , he leaves us with a message. “Lets go”. Balls fly at the camera and the final round of ball swapping begins. I won’t give away the ending, but I know I needed a cigarette when the men had finally finished. We strongly suggest subscribing to the OuRbALlsinyourmouth channel to avoid missing any wet ball tricks in the future.



One thought on “VIRAL VIDEO REVIEW: Crazy Ping Pong Ball Mouth Trick Shots

  1. In case anyone wants to check out the source, here’s a link — > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOLNPJLB6Us&feature=youtu.be

    Posted by Megan | February 6, 2012, 10:55 pm

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