Some “enchanted” evening

STEVEN JACKSON, Editor in Cheif

My Friday night arrived with little fanfare. How would I spend my evening? Chelonia? A Spike Lee joint? Maybe just a quiet evening spent indoors with a favorite novel.
None of the above. As it turned out, a magician was coming to campus. His name was Mat Franco, and you were probably completely unaware of his performance. It was hardly advertised, and this is a d*mn shame. His performance changed my life, and I wish I could say the same for everyone on this campus. We’d all be better for it.
Once I caught wind of the show, I  immediately checked his website for more information. Mat Franco is a “Rhode Island magician,” I learned. What’s more, he’s “one of the busiest magicians in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.” That was all I needed to hear.
The show took place in Java Joint, a venue far too small for Franco’s brand of sassy magic. He kicked off the show by blasting some power pop over the P.A., enthusiastically rallying the crowd of 25 to clap along. Once the room was properly warmed up, the show could begin.
I don’t know how to feel about Franco’s performance. Never have I witnessed magic so seamlessly mixed with boner jokes and puns. On the one hand, Mat Franco was kind of a silly douche. His jokes were bad and his facial expressions were impish and coy to a lolcatz degree. However, he repeatedly rocked my worldview and caused me to question my existence in the world. And he did this using nothing more than red handkerchiefs and playing cards.
Mat Franco is more than a magician. He is a wizard. A model citizen of Rhode Island. I highly recommend him for your next bachelorette party, corporate vollyball tournament, or family reunion. Magic is for everyone.



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