MEET: The Nibbler, who will be writing a biweekly sex column



Hello Round Table readers! I am the Nibbler and I will be joining Joy in writing a biweekly sex column. I will be talking about sexuality, gender, kink, relationships and anything else you want to hear from me. I am attending Beloit College to go to graduate school to become a sexologist/sex educator. I am involved with the Alliance so I feel comfortable speaking about queer-related topics. I am a part of Advocates for Choice and I stand with Planned Parenthood’s mission. I tend to be a very open person regarding personal experiences, so if you want me to not tell personal stories as part of the article, please let me know.
Here is a little tease of what you’ll see this semester. I hope you enjoy it and please email me with any questions you have regarding sex. Feel free to email me responses to my answers as well.

Dear Nibbler,
My partner and I have been talking about new ways to have sex and I have always wanted to try shower sex. What are your thoughts on it?


Dear Wet-n-Wild,
Shower sex sounds like fun, but it tends to be more work than play. First off, condoms are difficult to put on in the shower; even if you are not using condoms, it still gets pretty slippery. Shower sex tends to be a fun tease before you go “dry off” together or it is a relaxing time after morning sex. You could bring waterproof toys into the shower. There are also shower handles for shower sex. I have not tried these handles myself, but they seem useless and I would not waste my money on them. For some fun time in shower, you two could soap up each other and wash each other’s hair. If you are finding the showers to be a little cramped, move to a bathtub if there is one nearby. Have fun experimenting in the shower! And as always, be safe.
The Nibbler



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